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SpeechToTextService is now GoTranscript

Matthew Patel
Matthew Patel
Posted in Zoom Mar 4 · 4 Mar, 2016
SpeechToTextService is now GoTranscript

We are delighted to announce that our company’s name Speech to Text Service has changed to GoTranscript. We have taken this decision after 10 years of successful work in the transcription business. Many transitions have happened throughout the last decade. Transcription services are no longer about converting speech to text only. They have gradually shifted to a very dynamic and rapid process. Therefore, ‘Go’ builds a bridge between those conversions and the solid values we are known for.

Founded in November 2005, GoTranscript has a global team of highly trained and certified transcription professionals. The majority of them possess a broad range of experience in our key clients’ business areas.

Our clients consider us as the best and we take pride to frequently provide our services to organizations like: The BBC Broadcasting Company, Bose Corporation – Audio Equipment, Netflix – Streaming Media Company, The New York Times and many others.

Other than this cosmetic change, our company values stay untouched. So, why go with GoTranscript?

  • Simple

Just upload your files here, choose a turn-around time and get your transcriptions returned directly to your inbox.

  • Affordable

Check our prices and ascertain there is no need to make any compromises with your tight budget.

  • Fast

If requested, your transcript can arrive to your inbox just in 24 hours after the file upload.

  • Secure

Confidentiality is the cornerstone in the relationship with our clients.

  • High quality

Our 99% accuracy rate is owed to our certified and experienced transcription professionals.

  • Friendly

Contact us and we would love to explain all the tiniest details about the service you require.