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Start Earning Money Now: Become an Affiliate Partner at GoTranscript

Daniel Chang
Daniel Chang
Posted in Zoom Mar 27 · 30 Mar, 2020
Start Earning Money Now: Become an Affiliate Partner at GoTranscript

The GoTranscript Affiliate Program is a service that facilitates relationships between our partners and us to promote our audio and video transcription services for commissions on sales. We provide text links, product images, buttons, banners, and other marketing materials. Affiliates recommend our services to customers by sharing our affiliate links and/or embedding the affiliate widget on their blogs or websites. The links/widgets have special codes attached to them that are unique and exclusive to our affiliate partner. 

When a visitor proceeds to make an order for any of our services, our affiliate gets paid a 10% commission, one of the highest commissions in the transcriptions market. The full amount gets paid when the services are delivered, and any renewals will earn the recurring affiliate commissions. Affiliates get a 10% lifetime affiliate commission on sales generated.

Our brand is trusted, and we produce high-quality, effective promotional material. We have a high conversion rate. Earnings are credited and accumulate in the GoTranscript affiliate account. Funds transfer to PayPal can be requested at any time with no minimum limit. We transfer the funds to your PayPal account within one business day of the request.

Who Can Join the GoTranscript Affiliate Program?

Anyone can sign up for the GoTranscript Affiliate Program, and it is absolutely free. Whether you are a YouTuber, blogger, a coupon site, review site, a publisher - anyone who wants to earn can do so with our program. If you have multiple websites, you only need to apply once. You can manage all of your sites on one GoTranscript affiliate account for a single commission payout. 

Our marketing campaigns are globally based, giving you a broad customer base. By joining our affiliate program, you get a dedicated account manager with affiliate expertise and an understanding of your goals. Whether it is setting-up, tips, best practices - you get individual support with any inquiries. 

After you join the GoTranscript Affiliate Program, you get an Affiliate account with access to your unique referral link and banner ads. You can use as many links and banners as you like, and we will track all related information from the links that identify you as our affiliate partner.

How to Promote GoTranscript the Right Way


As our affiliate partner, you can promote your affiliate link on your Facebook personal account and/or business page. We advise you to avoid spamming your followers’ Facebook feeds with affiliate link posts. Convince people to click on your affiliate links and make a purchase. Create engaging, entertaining, and educational content that is relevant to your affiliate links.  


Monetize your Instagram account by building a loyal following. Add the affiliate link to your bio and Instagram stories. Create engaging content that is relevant to the affiliate link to drive your fans to click on it. Don’t feel shy to use hashtags in your affiliate posts. 


Pinterest is a visual social networking platform that offers opportunities to drive traffic to your affiliate links, especially when promoting physical products. Create pins and boards around the product. Include a pin with your affiliate link on a board that focuses on a broader topic. For example, “Caption Creation Tips” and “How To Create a Podcast.” Test both boards and confirm which one gives the best results by checking on GoTranscript’s Affiliate Dashboard and Pinterest Analytics. 


Affiliate marketing on Twitter involves a bit of wordplay because the platform allows you only 280 characters to talk to your followers and persuade them to click on your affiliate link. Get creative and practice different styles of copywriting. Practice cross-promotion of the affiliate link by adding your affiliate links to posts on all your social accounts. Doing this will get you more exposure and hopefully more commission. 


Today, a person’s attention span is short, and they are more likely to watch a two-minute video instead of reading text. Incorporate video content reviewing our services, show how to use our services, or make an order. Creating tutorials and testimonials showcases your personal experience with GoTranscript, inspires confidence, and derives fruitful results. 


Some people are sales averse and do not like being bombarded with sales tactics. However, they will consider offers from people they follow, like, and trust. Your email list offers one of the most valuable and sustainable ways to build a community. This trusted inner circle can receive emails with your affiliate links and your recommendations of GoTranscript services.

How to Optimize Your GoTranscript Affiliate Link for Success

Shorten your affiliate link

Long affiliate links are difficult to remember and can be untidy. Use affiliate link cloaking services such as to change your lengthy affiliate URL link to a shorter, more organized link. You’ll get a link that looks more professional and increases your click-through rate.

Strategic link placement

Place your affiliate link on easily accessible site locations which are more likely to result in a purchase. Use a variety of links and track them to assess which ones increase your click-rates and earnings. Take advantage of trigger-happy website visitors who get to your landing page and quickly click on the banner ad.

Seize every opportunity

Maximize your revenue by diversifying where you place your links. Promote your GoTranscript affiliate link in your entire portfolio:

  • Blog content and reviews

  • Product tutorials

  • YouTube videos

  • Banner ads

  • Social media posts

  • Email marketing

  • E-books

  • Online courses

Don’t limit yourself. The possibilities are endless.


Ready to start earning money?