The Importance of Audio Quality for Transcriptions

Not everyone knows how important the audio quality is for transcribing an audio file. However, every transcriber knows that it is the most important aspect for making an accurate transcription. Just imagine getting an audio file with tons of background noise that greatly overpowers the already silent speakers.

For a high-quality transcription, a high-quality audio file is needed.

"You see, if there are a lot of incomprehensible parts in the audio, there will be tons of blank spaces, inconsistencies, errors, or the transcription might even end up incomplete. A transcriber will have a difficult time trying to figure out the inaudible parts, and the work will become more and more time-consuming and complicated, meaning that it will cost you more and more money. You see, you may be charged a larger sum of money for bad-quality audio files as the transcription will have to be checked by multiple editors." according to Peter Trebek of

Transcribing is by no means an easy task, and that’s why you should ensure that your audio is of a high quality. Even if the audio is good, a transcriber has to listen to it for a few times before they are sure that the text transcribed is as accurate as possible. Now imagine the audio being barely comprehensible because of a loud background noise, for example. In this case, transcriptionists have to listen to the file (or parts of it) up to ten times or even more! On the bright side, if the quality is good, the workload is a lot smaller, meaning that you can pay less money.

As you can see, the audio quality is the most important aspect in regard to the quality of the final product. It means that your transcriptions will be completed faster and will cost less. In this way, both the client and the transcriptionist can be happier with the end result. So, if you just need a good transcription, upload your file and we will do the rest!


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