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Top 3 Ways to Transcribe Audio Notes in Evernote

Andrew Russo
Andrew Russo
Posted in Zoom Aug 2 · 3 Aug, 2020
Top 3 Ways to Transcribe Audio Notes in Evernote

Evernote is one of the leading note-taking software options, offering unique features that allow both students and professionals to document information in an organized, efficient manner. One feature in particular, recording audio notes, stands above the rest for its convenience and practicality. Using audio notes dramatically saves time and produces reliable information. This feature has one glaring problem - Evernote doesn’t have a transcription feature for audio notes. Without a transcription of the audio, there’s no practical way to search through the information or properly catalog it.

Make Evernote Audio Transcription Easy With These Simple Methods

Transcribing audio notes is a vital part of the organization process. It’s necessary if you want to be able to search for keywords or phrases. A transcription of your audio allows you to easily navigate to any part of the note that you wish to review. Having a copy of your note in text format will also help you if you need to transfer the information to another form, like a blog post or something similar. There are three main ways to get Evernote audio transcription. These are your device’s speech to text feature, automated transcription, and human transcription. It’s essential to understand each method’s pros and cons to help determine which one is right for you.

Speech to Text Transcription

Speech to text is the least accurate way to transcribe audio, but it’s an option for those that want to do it themselves. Most modern devices like phones, tablets, or computers will have some sort of speech to text feature you can use. One big problem using this method is that neither of these solutions provides punctuation automatically. This means you’ll have to verbally include punctuation when recording your audio notes. It can be a more cumbersome process, but useful if you’re looking to save money and if accuracy is not your primary concern.

Automated Transcription

A slightly more accurate method for those looking to save time and money is to use an automated service to transcribe Evernote audio. For this method, speech recognition software will “listen” to your audio recording and compile a transcription. It can be a faster method of transcription with somewhat reliable results. While they generally cannot match a human transcriber, many AI transcription services boast a high accuracy rating. However, to get decent results, your recording needs to be flawless. Any audio issues, such as background noise or crosstalking, will significantly lower the transcription accuracy.

Human Transcription

The most accurate way to transcribe Evernote audio is by hiring a person or a service that employs transcriptionists. Uploading your audio and handing it over to a professional that will turn your words into text will yield the best results. It’s the slowest way to transcribe your notes, but unmatched accuracy and proper formatting make up for it. Hiring a professional transcription service like GoTranscript is your best option to get the job done right. All you have to do is visit their website, upload the audio file, and select your preferred transcription style (full verbatim or a “cleaned up” alternative). Once you're done, all you have to do is wait for your transcription. 

The Importance of Accurately Transcribing Your Voice Notes

Ultimately, note-taking is about saving you time. It’s an efficient way to document information, and through Evernote, a helpful way to store and review said information. When reviewing a note, nothing can be more troublesome than reading through a transcription riddled with errors. When it comes to audio notes, few people enjoy listening to their own voice and sitting through an entire recording to find what they’re looking for. Human transcription efficiently deals with both of these issues. 

At GoTranscript, we provide error-free transcription that will be easy to read and search through. With 15 years in the business and over 20,000 expert transcribers and translators worldwide, we guarantee 99% accuracy and pricing options to suit anyone’s budget.