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Transcriptions to Make the Internet More Open and Accessible for Everyone

Matthew Patel
Matthew Patel
Posted in Zoom Jul 23 · 26 Jul, 2021
Transcriptions to Make the Internet More Open and Accessible for Everyone

We write a lot about the benefits of audio transcriptions in boosting SEO or making it more convenient for various people in different situations. However, besides preferences, some additional benefits address your audience's objective circumstances: hard of hearing individuals or people that happen to have a slow internet connection. These people benefit from the transcriptions much more often than one might guess.  

Hard of hearing individuals

Providing text to audio tracks is a wholesome win-win situation. Considering hard-of-hearing individuals, they might not be able to consume audio format or feel comfortable doing it. Text is a great substitute. Therefore, having transcriptions of any audio track or captions of audiovisual content enables a large group of people to enjoy the content and delve deep into what interests them. Transcribing content makes it socially responsible and beneficial for the popularity and uptake of one's content. 

Visually impaired individuals 

Besides content accessibility, it also helps in service provision. A mix of audio and textual content enables hearing or vision impaired people to use the service with accessibility tools such as magnification systems. Many visually impaired users prefer to navigate through text than to listen to audio and take notes. The bottom line is to have a set of support measures that synergy with other tools to help people navigate.

Slow internet connection

A slow internet connection renders access to content or services. Modern websites and web services use increasingly more data to deliver quality content for the users. However, on slow internet, textual information is loaded much quicker than audio track if it is loaded. 

Mobile internet users in low connectivity areas may prefer silent reading to delving into audio files. For this reason, transcription addresses both the momental preference and objective circumstances of slow connection.

Finally, if the website service has issues that make the audio files challenging to access, text information may significantly mitigate such prospective problems. 

 Is it working for all? 

Accessibility brings convenience and comfort for everyone, not only to the ones who need it the most. For this reason, we always recommend making your content open to everyone, no matter their needs and challenges, as it is a nice thing to do that brings a set of benefits, where everyone's a winner.