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Transcriptions Help to Have More Fun, Part 1

Christopher Nguyen
Christopher Nguyen
Posted in Zoom Sep 26 · 26 Sep, 2021
 Transcriptions Help to Have More Fun, Part 1

Transcriptions mean many things. For some, its business: making videos or podcasts easier to find on the internet by enhancing SEO. For some others, it is all about accessibility if one has a hearing impairment or cannot turn the audio on for video content. Transcriptions do help in many applications, and millions of people reap the benefits.

Besides the regular benefits, transcriptions can help people to have some real fun. Or enjoy many fun activities with greater engagement and passively learn something new, for example, literacy or languages. 

In this blog post, GoTranscript decided to have a quick look at some fun things transcription helps to experience. 

  1. Karaoke 

Who hasn’t ever done karaoke? It is fun for everyone for numerous right and wrong reasons! It is tremendous fun for singing lovers and for groups of friends, where they can enjoy someone’s skill as well as someone’s bravery. 

Meanwhile, imagine karaoke without the song lyrics presented on the screen. Nothing makes karaoke so engaging and accessible for everyone like transcriptions! What would be the alternatives: reading from a physical sheet of paper or learning the songs by heart? 

2. Learning foreign languages

The international movie and TV show scene is fascinating. Increasingly more exciting original foreign content is being created and published by the major streaming services. The dubbed audio track sometimes feels unnatural and steals some pleasure from enjoying the show. But here comes transcription and various applications of it. 

First and foremost, while watching the original audio track and reading the captions, we can enjoy the whole creative experience of the show and simultaneously track what is being said in the foreign language and read the meanings of these worlds. This is a great learning aid for everyone learning a foreign language and wants to step up their skill while enjoying their time with exciting creative content. 

3. Learning literacy 

Some languages are difficult to spell. E.gin the English language, we spell many words differently from how we pronounce them. Therefore, hearing words and immediately seeing them spelled help many people enhance their language skills. That’s not only for foreigners or someone who did not have access to a good education but also for kids, improving their language skills. 

Some international communities, e.g., India, took great advantage and used transcriptions on TV to increase national literacy rates. 

Once again, a great way to learn while having good fun!

Check our for more in part 2.