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Transcriptions Help to Have More Fun, Part 2

Daniel Chang
Daniel Chang
Posted in Zoom Oct 2 · 4 Oct, 2021
 Transcriptions Help to Have More Fun, Part 2

In part 1 of this series of blog entries on transcriptions helping to have more fun, we noticed that besides the regular benefits, transcriptions could help people have some real fun. Or enjoy many fun activities with greater engagement and passively learn something new, for example, literacy or languages.

As in the previous one, in this blog entry, we will have a quick look at some fun things transcription helps to experience besides karaoke, learning new languages, and enhancing literacy. 

  1. Keeping movies or TV shows in original audio tracks

Although American production dominates the movie and TV show world, some international producers are coming to the limelight, too. We may find increasingly more brilliant TV shows in German, Spanish or French languages in the streaming services. European movies are having their moment of increasing popularity with some notable examples from France or Nordic countries. 

Often you can find TV shows dubbed in English. To some, it may feel wrong because then some of the show's character charisma or overall emotion is taken away. Therefore, transcriptions and captions make the watching experience so much more immersive. 

  1. Opera

Opera may not be for everyone’s taste. But almost every classical opera is in some foreign language. To offer a complete experience in following the plot, you may find a screen with transcription and translation of the lyrics. 

How would you enjoy opera otherwise if you had no time to read the play and come well prepared because you were just yearning for aesthetic pleasures of the occasion. 

  1.  Song lyrics

Do we always understand what the music performers are singing? How often do you go back to browse for lyrics? Some of us do this often. Naturally, transcriptions save the day and offer us these songs' lyrics, which we can occasionally find on popular music streaming platforms. 

Not to mention that it helps to memorize the lyrics better, not only for karaoke but also for you to sing in the shower or when you are stuck in a traffic jam. 

Thus, transcriptions make our lives so much more fun. And at GoTranscript, we are happy to be a part of this happiness of our daily lives by providing transcription, translation and closed-captioning services. 

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