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Two Smart Things to do This December Before it is too Late

Michael Gallagher
Michael Gallagher
Posted in Zoom Dec 2 · 4 Dec, 2021
Two Smart Things to do This December Before it is too Late

We all have goals and responsibilities. This December, two essential things that may happen are your new year resolutions and academic transcript. Both are very different, and both are equally important as your future success relies on delivering any of these two.  

Let's start with the more menacing one: academic transcription. 

Many students are currently finalizing their research papers or are about to do it. Thesis, academic studies, and other research papers require presenting the research data, such as audio recordings, interviews, podcasts, lectures, seminars, etc., referenced in their research. This is being provided in the supporting annexes and very often in the form of a transcript. 

Boy, oh boy, these transcriptions take time. Who wants to spend their precious time for research or personal pleasure with affordable professional transcription services? No way is it worth it to spend up to 6 hours for 40 mins of audio transcription. And that's the time spent with professional equipment and relevant experience for the task. 

At GoTranscript professional transcription is student-friendly. And quick. And we deliver top-quality transcriptions. It is worth it. 

Working on Your New Year's Resolution 

It is time to take self promises seriously. There is a significant body of knowledge in both research and self-help books that if one writes the ideas, goals, or thoughts down, they have a more substantial impact on our behavior. That's why, besides thinking about our goals, we should have them written and at hand to refer to at any time. 

One of the reasons for the positive impact of written goals is that we can look at the words we thought a while ago and rekindle the emotion and the feeling of that particular moment. That leads to our behavioral change! On top of that, if we force ourselves to repeatedly repeat a specific belief, encouragement, or goal as if it is some mantra, we train our minds to adopt this idea to the fullest. 

But how to make it the most effective? Be smart. Or S.M.A.R.T.; this concept helps us frame our goals into a specific structure that allows us to keep the right intention and measure our progress. The abbreviation stands for:

  • Specific: be very clear on what you want to achieve; 
  • Measurable: it can help by anything you like, but it has to be measurable to gauge the progress; 
  • Attainable: although the sky's the limit, better to take this metaphorically. Be ambitious and aim high, but do not overstretch to what's not humanly possible;
  • Relevant: chase your dreams that fit your life best; 
  • Time-bound: be honest about the deadline when you see some progress. 

That's how you will make an excellent transcript of your ideas. It is a minimal additional effort for our ultimate success. Use the GoTranscript professional transcription service for wholesome success for all other occasions.