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Understanding GoTranscript Pricing: A Comprehensive Overview

Christopher Nguyen
Christopher Nguyen
Posted in Zoom Feb 5 · 6 Feb, 2024
Understanding GoTranscript Pricing: A Comprehensive Overview

In today's digital age, audio transcription services have become indispensable for professionals across various industries, including legal, medical, journalism, and education. Among these services, GoTranscript stands out for its accuracy, speed, and affordability. This post aims to demystify GoTranscript's pricing structure, offering a comprehensive overview to help potential users make informed decisions.

Introduction to GoTranscript

GoTranscript, a leading transcription service provider, leverages a global team of professional transcribers to offer high-quality, human-powered transcription services. Unlike automated transcription tools, GoTranscript focuses on delivering accurate transcriptions, tailored to specific industry needs.

GoTranscript Pricing Structure

GoTranscript's pricing model is designed to be transparent and straightforward, ensuring clients understand exactly what they are paying for. Here's a breakdown of their pricing structure:

  1. Per Minute Pricing: GoTranscript charges a rate per audio or video minute, which varies depending on the turnaround time and additional services required. This model allows for predictable pricing, ensuring that clients pay only for the service they need.

  2. Turnaround Time: The cost of transcription services at GoTranscript depends significantly on the chosen turnaround time. Clients can opt for standard delivery times, which are the most cost-effective, or expedite their orders for faster delivery at a higher rate.

  3. Additional Services: GoTranscript offers several add-on services, including verbatim transcription, time-stamping, and multiple speaker identification. Each of these services incurs an additional fee, allowing clients to customize their transcription orders to their specific requirements.

  4. Bulk Orders and Discounts: For large projects or regular clients, GoTranscript provides the option for bulk order discounts. This approach makes it more economical for clients with high-volume transcription needs.

  5. Quality Levels: Clients can choose between different levels of transcription quality, from standard to premium, with each level affecting the overall cost. Higher quality levels involve more detailed and thorough transcription work, thus incurring a higher price.

How to Estimate Your Costs

Estimating the cost of your transcription project with GoTranscript is straightforward. By using the online calculator on their website, clients can input their project details, including the total audio or video minutes, desired turnaround time, and any additional services. The calculator then provides an instant quote, allowing for easy budgeting.

Comparing GoTranscript with Other Services

When comparing GoTranscript's pricing with other transcription services, it's important to consider factors beyond just the per-minute rate. The accuracy of transcription, quality of customer service, and turnaround times are crucial for ensuring that you're getting value for your money. GoTranscript's emphasis on human-powered transcriptions offers a level of accuracy that automated services struggle to match, making it a cost-effective choice for those requiring reliable transcription services.


GoTranscript's pricing structure is designed with flexibility and transparency in mind, catering to a wide range of transcription needs while ensuring quality and accuracy. By understanding this pricing model, clients can make informed decisions, selecting the services that best fit their requirements and budget. Whether for academic research, legal documentation, or content creation, GoTranscript provides a dependable and economical transcription solution.