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Understanding the Absence of Subtitles on the Vimeo App

Andrew Russo
Andrew Russo
Posted in Zoom Aug 25 · 28 Aug, 2023
Understanding the Absence of Subtitles on the Vimeo App


Vimeo, a popular platform for creators and viewers alike, offers diverse videos. However, some users have encountered issues with Vimeo subtitles not working on the app, leading to frustration and inconvenience. In this article, we will delve into the depths of this topic to understand why subtitles might not be available on Vimeo and explore solutions on how to put subtitles on Vimeo.


Why Are Subtitles Absent on Vimeo?


The absence of subtitles on the Vimeo app can be attributed to a few underlying factors. One of the main reasons is that not all videos on the platform have subtitles available. 


Subtitling is a time-consuming process, and many creators may choose not to include them due to various reasons, such as budget constraints or the assumption that their target audience does not require subtitles. Consequently, if a video lacks subtitles, users cannot access them on the Vimeo app, regardless of the device they are using.


Another factor contributing to Vimeo's lack of subtitles is that the platform does not automatically generate subtitles for uploaded videos. Unlike other video hosting platforms that employ automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology to create subtitles, Vimeo relies on manual subtitling. This means that creators must either create their own subtitles or use third-party services to do so.


As a result, not all videos on Vimeo contain subtitles, even though the creator is committed to making their content accessible to a broader audience.


How to Get Subtitles on Vimeo


Now that we have identified the reasons behind the absence of subtitles on Vimeo let's explore how to get subtitles on Vimeo. For creators who want to make their videos more inclusive and accessible, there are several actions they can take to add subtitles to their content.


Option 1: Manual Transcription


The first approach is to create subtitles for their videos manually. You can achieve this by transcribing the spoken content and synchronizing the text with the corresponding audio. Various video editing software and subtitle creation tools are available that can streamline this process and make it more manageable for creators.


Option 2: Outsource Professional Services


Alternatively, creators can outsource the subtitling task to professional services or freelancers. Numerous subtitling services are available online, and they can efficiently generate accurate subtitles for videos in various languages. By opting for professional subtitling, creators can ensure the quality and accuracy of the subtitles, thereby enhancing the viewing experience for a broader audience.


Option 3: Third-Party Tools


Those who prefer a more hands-off approach can consider third-party tools that offer automated subtitling services. These tools use advanced ASR technology to generate subtitles for videos automatically. However, it's essential to note that the accuracy of computerized subtitles may vary depending on factors like audio quality, background noise, and accents.


Option 4: Browser Extensions


Additionally, you can use browser extensions or online tools that offer subtitle overlay features. These tools enable you to add external subtitle files to the video you're watching on Vimeo, enhancing accessibility for viewers who need subtitles.


In Summary


The absence of subtitles on the Vimeo app can be attributed to various factors, such as the choice of individual creators and the platform's reliance on manual subtitling rather than automated solutions. And since video content continues to play a significant role in the digital landscape, ensuring the availability of subtitles is crucial in promoting inclusivity and improving the overall user experience on platforms like Vimeo.


As a content creator on Vimeo, you can make your videos inclusive by manually adding subtitles, outsourcing the task to professionals, or using automated subtitling services.