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The Value of Transcription Confidentiality

Michael Gallagher
Michael Gallagher
Posted in Zoom Aug 27 · 27 Aug, 2015
The Value of Transcription Confidentiality

GoTranscript values and understands the importance of a confidentiality agreement more than anything. We choose our transcribers after a very thorough investigation, we look into their professional background and we only work with people with high moral standards.

Being on the market has also taught us that trust is not enough, so apart from working exclusively with professionals, we also require them to sign a confidentiality agreement upon hiring. This guarantees you, as our client, that the material you provide us with, is safe with us. Although we work with trustworthy people, just for your peace of mind, we will tell you how the transcription process works.

  1. First of all, the audio/video file you provide us with is divided into smaller parts (6 minutes each).
  2. No transcriber has access to the entire file.
  3. No one outside our team has access to the file pieces or the entire file.
  4. The smaller pieces of your file are then listed among other small pieces of other files.
  5. The transcribers then play the piece of your file directly from our database, but they cannot download it to their computer. They do their research and they do their best to provide you with best quality transcriptions.
  6. No transcriber is allowed to work on more than 1 piece of the same file.
  7. We always keep track of your files and of our transcribers’ activity.
  8. We have a couple of editors who have been with us from the very beginning; they will be the ones who will put the pieces of the transcription together.
  9. Once the transcription is done, the file is permanently deleted from our database.

This has never occurred in our company before, but there are serious legal consequences for those who transgress the non-disclosure agreement.

In the hope that we offered you all the information you need, we are looking forward to working with you! For any further questions, please contact Live Support. We appreciate your feedback!