What Are Transcription Services and Their Benefits
26 April 2020

What Are Transcription Services and Their Benefits

A transcription service is a business service dedicated to transforming any form of recognizable speech and sounds into a written text document. That's the general definition of it. However, by looking closer, we can see that the task of transcribing involves a series of elements to take into consideration. At the same time, if used correctly, these services can offer significant benefits in various industries.

What Exactly is Audio Transcription?

Speaking in simple terms, it's the process of transforming any audio material into text. Transcription can be used on all sorts of content and cover a broad range of topics. Whether if it's medical, legal, academic, or business, transcription complement the many areas of these industries, becoming an essential service that improves productivity. For example, on the legal aspect, a transcription may involve a court hearing, an interview with a suspect, or just a simple recording of a proceeding performed on an individual. On the medical front, a transcription may cover a physician's interview with a patient on his current illness.

For content producers and influencers, transcription services are vital in expanding their reach. These services can help expand any audio or video file you share with the world into an unparalleled experience for your audience, which will undoubtedly yield a positive reception.

The Ones in Charge of Making Transcriptions a Reality

Transcriptionists are the ones responsible for turning any audio or video file into a text document. As far as current industry standards, there are two types of transcription: human and automated. Both of them carry their own set of pros and cons, and it'll be up to you to decide what your priorities are.

Right from the start, we know humans have a deeper comprehension of the language, human emotions, context, know how to deal with expressions with hidden meanings, and above all, are much more accurate than machines.

Machines, on the other hand, are faster and can deliver results in mere seconds. They're also much cheaper than their human counterparts. However, even though machine learning has significantly evolved over the years, it still has a long way to go before it gets even remotely close to "understanding" spoken word, recognizing context, and producing accurate transcriptions.

Bringing the Benefits to You

The first benefit of using transcription services is having a written record of important events, meetings, decisions, reports, checkups, and so on. By turning this speech pattern into a written piece of information that can be easily read by machines, adequately indexed, and then disseminated through the internet, the potential audience that can access this information grows significantly.

At GoTranscript, we understand the importance of helping people with their goals. After all, our unbeatable prices, top-notch accuracy, and quick delivery times continue being the pillar through which we support our many partners with their transcription needs. Whether you're a small company or a big multinational enterprise, the benefits of using transcription services to cover your everyday projects and tasks should not be underestimated.

Healthcare specialists can get to know their patients better through careful reading of interviews. Marketing experts will be able to get that spark they need for any product after carefully analyzing their focus groups. YouTubers will enjoy greater success with their audiences by implementing accurate subtitles in their videos. There's no limit to the benefits of using a transcription service.

Choose the Best

GoTranscript is the undisputed leader in online transcriptions services, trusted by thousands of satisfied clients worldwide. We recognize the importance of using experienced human transcription professionals for any audio or video transcription. From Netflix, BBC, Symantec, to the University of California, countless professionals have already used our services to get an accurate and expeditious transcription of their content regardless of complexity and area of knowledge.

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