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What You Need to Know About Transcription and Transcribers?

Daniel Chang
Daniel Chang
Posted in Zoom Jul 16 · 19 Jul, 2016
What You Need to Know About Transcription and Transcribers?

If you have some files that you need to have in a written format, like interviews, radio shows, lectures, presentations, or even a simple conversation, all you need is a good transcriber. I have been working as one for quite a long time, and transcribing is one of those tasks that I am eager to take up every time.

The job of a transcriber consists of converting an audio file to a written file, in other words, a document. It can be a hard and tiring job sometimes because the audio quality and/or the accent of the speaker may be a bit difficult to understand, and it becomes really tiring when timestamping is required. Nevertheless, all of this makes it even more satisfying to hand out a fully transcribed document to a client.

All new transcribers should keep in mind that you can’t really predict the time you are going to spend working before actually opening the audio file to listen for a bit. Some factors have a huge influence on your work, for example:

  • How many people are talking
  • How fast their speech is
  • How clear the audio recording is (a lot of noise, connection problems, etc.)
  • How clearly the people speak (overlapping voices, accents, mumbling, yelling, etc.)

When I first started working ages ago, the transcribing process was not as convenient as it is today. Because tapes were used, we had to come up with a way to conveniently stop or rewind the recording while typing. As a result, a pedal was used to help us speed up the writing process. Fortunately, present-day transcribers have an abundance of modern technologies to aid them. At the moment, all you need is a computer because the keyboard can serve as a good replacement for the pedals and there are all kinds of software that can help a great deal. I personally use, which even saves the file every 30 seconds and can pause the recording while typing.

It’s important to keep in mind that a professional transcriber will do their best to transcribe a file as accurately as possible and will make sure that you have a text that’s a pleasure to read. If there is a presentation, a talk show, a lesson, a lecture or anything else that you want to be made into a text document, don’t hesitate and contact a transcriber who will be gladly up for the task.

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