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Why Is Transcription Important?

Andrew Russo
Andrew Russo
Posted in Zoom Nov 7 · 10 Nov, 2021
Why Is Transcription Important?

Are you wondering if transcription services are really necessary for your business or even for you as an individual? Here we explore the ways in which transcription can enrich your interactions and help you maintain a database of information. 

Key Benefits of Transcription  

Transcribers are tasked with the delicate job of converting audio files into written content. Here they can be dealing with speeches, conference calls, legal proceedings, business meetings, interviews, and so on. Accuracy is one of the most important aspects of transcription. The final document should be a precise representation of the audio or video content. 

Improve Comprehension  

The written word is always easier to analyze. When you read, your brain absorbs the information faster and more efficiently compared to listening. Think of a student reading a transcript of the lecture notes. Or a judge reviewing a transcription of the court proceedings before delivering a judgment. Or even a doctor going through a written breakdown of a patient’s symptoms to come up with a diagnosis.

In all these cases and more, transcription delivers the information in the most convenient form. Readers go through the information at their own pace, as opposed to listening, where they have no choice but to follow the speaker’s pace. You can’t really listen at your own pace, can you? When reading, you don’t have to go through the entire document. You can skim through it and still get a formidable overview of the subject. Or you can concentrate on only those segments that are relevant to you. With text, you have more options on how to consume the content. 

Enhance Accessibility  

Audio content can be difficult to listen to owing to heavy accents and wrong pronunciations. The quality of recording could also be compromised due to substandard equipment, background noise, low speaker volume, and so on. With a transcript, the information is accurate and readily accessible. Non-native speakers can also translate it to their preferred language. 

Search Engine Optimization  

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most potent forms of online marketing. SEO ensures that Google and other search engines display your site as relevant when potential clients search for related information. Written content is easier to find compared to audio or video content.

Ensure that the transcript contains relevant keywords, which are the phrases most likely to be used when searching on Google. The aim here is to improve your site’s rank and possibly appear on the first page of the search results. A high ranking provides you with consistent traffic, which you can convert into paying clients. 

Do More With The Content  

From the transcript, you can create additional content for marketing purposes. Think of blogs, social media posts, ebooks, image captions, and even subtitles. Versatile as it is, written content can be used in many different forms, making it easier to reach your intended audience.

Transcripts are also easier to distribute since they require less storage. A 30-minute video can take up a gigabyte or even more, while the transcript only takes up a few kilobytes. This makes it easier and faster to transfer even to people with unstable internet.

The storage factor also comes up when an organization has loads of information to store and a limited capacity. If you can store documents in writing instead of video or audio format, they’ll take up significantly less space. 

Final Thoughts

What is the importance of transcription? If you came here to get an answer to this question, we hope you’re now sufficiently enlightened. Different types of organizations use transcription for various purposes, from legal protection to improving their business processes, customer services, marketing strategies, and other practices.

With our mobile phones as recording devices, audio and video content becomes more popular with every passing day, as well as the corresponding demand in transcription services.