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Why Your Video SEO Will Benefit From Transcription

Christopher Nguyen
Christopher Nguyen
Posted in Zoom Mar 24 · 26 Mar, 2022
Why Your Video SEO Will Benefit From Transcription

Transcription is converting audio into text. Not only does it present a professional and organized impression to your audience, but when used for video, it significantly improves the value of your content. YouTube, for example, reports an average increase in views of nearly 10% just because of text alone.

When done properly, transcription will enhance your content’s quality. But did you know that it will help you in another way? Here you’ll learn how transcribing your videos actually broadens your online audience and increases your traffic all thanks to search engine rankings.

​How to Boost Organic Traffic With Video Transcripts SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the definitive factor if you want to increase your internet popularity. Websites, channels, social media platforms, and any other sort of content all hinge on their rankings. Therefore, if your goal is to gain more traffic, you want to come in high on search engine results pages (SERP).

While it’s important to know the tricks of the trade to boost your presence, videos take a bit more effort than you’d put into a simple blog or post. If you’re interested in getting more views, read on to discover what you can do to elevate your standing with video transcripts SEO. Whether you’re trying to generate YouTube hits, promote a webinar, or anything else, these points will steer you in the right direction.

​Increased Exposure With Keyword Optimization

Does transcript in your video help SEO? Yes, and more than you can ever imagine. This all starts with keywords, which are the definitive representation of your video’s content.

Keywords are what potential viewers are typing into a search engine to find what they’re looking for. With transcribed videos, you’ll improve your SEO by using familiar topic-related words. Using a combination of broad terms and more specific phrases will increase your chances of showing up on SERP and being seen.

​Video Transcripts SEO Enhances Link Building and Content

When you introduce text in your video, you can include backlinks, which invite viewers to your other material. Links unite your sites through timestamped video quotes and integrated references. Videos with backlinks tend to have high organic rankings. Search engines see them as validated and noteworthy.

Transcription also has the ability to optimize your content production. You already have a written document, so why not make the most of it? You can easily convert, say, a YouTube video’s transcript into a blog post. Now you have double the content on two different sites, which increases your chances of ending up with high SERP rankings.

​Expanding the Wingspan of Your Reach

Adding readable words to your video opens doors for broadening your audience through SERP. It automatically makes your content accessible to those with hearing difficulties, people who can’t listen to audio due to situational circumstances, non-native speakers, and viewers who need additional clarity.

Availing yourself to a wider audience exponentially increases the chance of these followers building you up and sharing your content. In essence, they’ll do a lot of promoting on your behalf, marketing your videos to their associates, and, in turn, elevating your rankings both on search engines and platforms.

​Algorithm-Friendly Information

When you incorporate complementing text to your videos, this increases your exposure. Algorithms scan textual content, so a video on its own isn’t going to do you much good. Why wouldn’t you want to give it readability? This will open up another level of marketing for yourself.

Improve your search ranking with video transcripts SEO. Besides just crawling through text, search engines monitor click-through rates, dwell times, bounce rates, and other factors to assess how valuable your content is. Websites that include captioned videos increase the number of conversions by 85%!

​Improving Your Content’s Quality

Transcription makes a great video even better. From a professional standpoint, it shows that you’re serious about your content. However, a mistake many people make is getting their transcription from the wrong place.

There are plenty of free sites out there for transcription. Some platforms even have a built-in transcribing feature. You don’t ever want to utilize these auto-generated options. They often produce low-accuracy results that will devalue your content and presentation, so you could end up losing the audience you’ve worked so hard to build.

Conversely, facilitating a seasoned and trusted service like GoTranscript will put you at the top of your game. With human-generated transcription that continuously yields a 99% (or higher) accuracy, you can be confident you’ll have consistent quality for every video you produce.

​In Closing

SEO video transcript optimisation is essential if you want to get organic traffic. Otherwise, your content will suffer from lackluster audiences, and you’ll end up missing out on extensive opportunities to promote yourself, gain popularity, and net more hits and views.

Make the smart decision and add transcription to your videos. Present yourself in an expert light by going with the unparalleled quality and experience of human-generated services like GoTranscript. Market yourself professionally, taking advantage of SEO’s many benefits. It’s the wisest move you can make.