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YouTube CC: What is it and why content creators use it in 2024?

Daniel Chang
Daniel Chang
Posted in Zoom Sep 6 · 8 Sep, 2022
YouTube CC: What is it and why content creators use it in 2024?

You might have encountered YouTube CC as you’re streaming YouTube videos.  What is it and why is it there? What are its applications and uses? If you have these questions in your mind, you’re not alone. In this article, we’re discussing what CC means and what its applications are. Ready? Let’s get started.

What is CC in YouTube Videos?

CC means closed captioning, which is intended to aid people with hearing loss or hard of hearing. Besides this, it can also be helpful for video creators and audiences. 

youtube cc

Closed captions are the text version of the track, so it’s like a transcription. However, it may also include symbols and audio descriptions, which are not visually present or clear. This allows people with hearing loss and hard of hearing experience the media at 100%.  It helps them understand the content of the video.

CC is now being used in video productions, not limited to TV shows or reality shows, but also in documentaries, movies, and other productions.

The viewer has the option of turning it on and off, so it is called closed captioning opposite to an open captioning, which is at default and cannot be switched off.

A caption is different from a subtitle, though, because the latter refers to the translation of the track’s original language into another

Why Creators Use YouTube CC?

If you’re a content creator or producer and you want to make your YouTube content more appealing and welcoming for all types of audiences, whether with hearing issues or none, you should consider using YouTube CC.

Especially now that the Americans with Disabilities Act has been aiming to cover content online, it can also be helpful for you to include CC in your videos.  Now, it is required for all publicly available offline video content formats for ease of access.

But then, accessibility isn’t the only benefit of closed captioning. In fact, it also appeals to people from all walks of life with hearing loss or none. 

According to a Verizon commissioned survey, eighty percent of users using closed captions are not hard of hearing or deaf.

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Why Do People Use YouTube CC?

There are more reasons to use YouTube CC if you’re a content creator or producer especially in terms of offering more value and convenience to your audience. Check out the following for why people would like to use YouTube CC.

·        They want to hear what’s going on especially among viewers watching soundless videos.

·        They want to understand speakers who are speaking with an accent or quietly because viewers can easily read along the spoken words. In this case, even hard to understand conversations can be understood.

·        As Google cannot browse video when it returns queries, people use YouTube CC as a search engine optimization tool. Text becomes available for search engines; thus, content with CC can reach and attract more viewers.

·        They can use it as a learning tool. For instance, reading can activate the different brain parts than listening; thus, they can better understand the content clearly.

·        If they’re second language is English, they find YouTube CC valuable because it allows them to learn a new language when they can actually read the words.

How to Add YouTube CC to Your YouTube Videos

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YouTube automatically adds “Closed Captions” to your video. However, these captions are low in quality, so they may not improve your content’s accessibility or the user’s comprehension. 

YouTube’s automatically generated CCs aren’t also helpful in boosting your SEO. That’s why you might want to use a human-generated closed captioning service for quality and accurate closed captions.

There are so many benefits to using human-generated YouTube CC if you’re a content creator. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the best SEO tools you can use to reach more viewers worldwide. It also adds value to your content and makes it easier for viewers to access and understand your content, whether they’re deaf or not.

For accurate and properly transcribed video content, we’re here to help! Just follow these steps:

1.  Add files through uploading it or pasting its URL.

2.  Log in with your details. If you’re a new user, register and get started.

3.  Enter your payment details.

4.  Relax and wait for your order!

Once you received your CC file, add it to YouTube by following these steps:

1.  Sign in and go to the “Video Manager.”

2.  Click on “Edit,” and then select “Subtitles.”

3.  Just delete the automatic CC file from YouTube, and then add your new captions.

4.  Upload the file of the caption or subtitle.

Final Thoughts

By now, you probably know what YouTube CC means and why content creators and viewers use it.  Closed captions can make the content more attractive and can help creators reach more viewers for their content. 

On the other hand, viewers and people can use YouTube closed captions to learn a new language, understand the content better, and gain more accessibility in the case of those with hearing loss and hard of hearing.

And finally, closed captions contribute to the visibility of content because Google can browse text of the video content; thus, giving content creators a better reach and improving their SEO. It helps them draw in more viewers.