Should You Add Video Transcriptions to Youtube Videos Even with Google CC?

Did you know that having your Youtube videos transcribed may increase the views? Youtube transcriptions might sound unnecessary at first, but when you really think about it, all of this makes sense. You see, the transcriptions that get generated by Youtube’s machine are not indexed. On the other hand, the transcripts that are uploaded by the video creator will get indexed. In this way, your videos will act as page copies when people use search engines. The video will appear at the top of the search results so that users could access it. In order to optimize your Youtube transcriptions, you can use keywording.

What is more, you can also use White Hat SEO techniques to get your video right at the top. For example, if your video is an interview with a celebrity, add his or her name at the beginning of the line in such a manner: “celebrity’s name: [speech]”. In this way, you will significantly increase the number of keywords without disrupting the original text. In addition, you can also add some descriptions that would not only explain what is going on in a clear manner (for example, for people with hearing impairment), but would also add some significant tags.

If transcribing a video sounds like a tiring job (believe us, it can be!), you can use our transcription services and get your video captioned by professional transcribers who would love to help you. The GoTranscript team will take up the task that will have great results on your videos.


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