Transcribe a BlueJeans Meeting

When it comes to video conferencing and online meetings, BlueJeans is one of the best solutions available in the market today. It is a platform that connects mobile devices, desktops, and other systems for a single, seamless video meeting.

The first step in BlueJeans transcription is recording the meeting. Only then can you have the audio transcribed into text by BlueJeans video transcription services. The BlueJeans platform has a "Start Rec" button on the screen's top-left corner. Once you click on this button, every participant will hear a notification and see a flashing red light for as long as you are recording the meeting. You can also opt to enable auto-recording from the settings if you want to record all your sessions automatically as soon as they start.

What Is BlueJeans Transcription?

Once you have your recording, you can then search for a reputable BlueJeans meeting transcription provider. GoTranscript is an excellent option for people looking to transcribe BlueJeans. The company offers accuracy levels of at least 99% for your final transcripts, making it the go-to solution for BlueJeans video transcriptions.

What Are the Perks of BlueJeans Transcription?

There are many reasons companies would choose to transcribe a BlueJeans webinar. Improved accessibility and engagement are some of the top motivations.

  • Better Inclusivity

If you are trying to reach more people with your meeting, a BlueJeans video conference transcription will help. We live in a world where many have hearing disabilities. They will appreciate an alternate way to absorb the contents of a discussion.

  • Faster Absorption

A BlueJeans video conference transcription is an excellent companion to a recording. One can quickly scan a transcript for essential points instead of watching a video from start to finish.

  • Enhanced Meeting Comprehension

The next time you use BlueJeans, transcribe the audio to text to make the contents of the video conference accessible and comprehensible to everyone involved.

  • Easier Archiving

BlueJeans online meeting transcription services create transcripts that are easier to file. Videos take up a lot of space, and you can't search them for keywords, unlike text files.

Why Choose GoTranscript as Your BlueJeans Transcription Service

If you're wondering how to transcribe a BlueJeans meeting at a reasonable price, GoTranscript is your service provider of choice. Apart from its cost being highly competitive, you also have the benefit of using one of the most professional BlueJeans transcription services out there.

With GoTranscript being one of the top BlueJeans video transcription companies in the market, there is just no reason you should go elsewhere. The professionals at GoTranscript will meet all your BlueJeans event transcription needs and more.