Case Study

How GoTranscript Helped CityTV Tell Lakewood's Story With High-Quality Captions
Thanks to GoTranscript's reliable transcription and captioning solutions, CityTV can streamline caption production for their programming while saving significant amounts of time.
CityTV, Lakewood, CA
CityTV has been serving the Lakewood community since 1984, covering current events in Public Digest, Lakewood's history, customer service tips, and live city council meeting coverage. It also covers youth sports games, showcases of award-winning Lakewood homes, and public safety information segments and tips.
Find a fast and reliable transcription and caption service to streamline caption creation for CityTV's programming so the team can focus on other tasks.
Municipal meetings are a common way for people to come together and express their ideas, hear proposals, share information, and develop solutions. Many people can't attend these meetings for different reasons, but they still want to stay up-to-date on what goes on in their community. What's the best way to provide an accurate text record of a meeting without an in-house transcription team?

"We found GoTranscript with a quick Google search. We needed a reliable transcription and captioning partner for our municipal meetings," says Kyle Notkin, a Producer at Full Moon Creative. "We did have a somewhat rocky start, but we get what we need most of the time, so we're happy to work with GT."
Use GoTranscript's team of experts to produce top-quality transcripts and captions for each meeting.
While the way we consume media is constantly changing, many people would agree that local television is still important. It's still the primary source of news for most Americans. Local television is accessible to everyone and offers a great opportunity to inform citizens. Captions are a crucial component of this accessibility. They offer a great way to engage viewers with hearing impairments and non-native speakers, improving comprehension and the average watch time.

Providing flawless captions as fast as possible, especially for TV stations, requires time, effort, and expertise, so outsourcing this type of work to a reliable service makes perfect sense. GoTranscript's team of expert captioners has vast experience in dealing with different types of content, so each order gets the right treatment.
CityTV can now provide accurate captions in their programming to make the content easier to comprehend and reach more viewers.
"II found GoTranscript when I freelanced as a captioner," says Kimberly. "I like the convenience of the service. The captions we get are high-quality, they're available in different formats, and we always get them quicker than anticipated. If any edits are necessary, it's easy to get into the captions and fix them. GoTranscript saves me about 6-7 hours per week, which helps me accomplish other tasks."

"By using GoTranscript, we continue to tell our city's story," says Kimberly. "The site is easy to navigate, and the captions are available in different formats. This is important to us because we can use them for our cable channel or online without worrying about conversions and formatting."

CityTV has used GoTranscript's services for over four years. While their number of orders per year varies, they plan to rely on GoTranscript for all their captioning needs in the future.