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Smith Micro Software
Smith Micro Software
How GoTranscript's Highly Accurate Transcripts Helped Smith Micro Software Benchmark Machine Learning Transcripts and Increase Quality of Their Products
With GoTranscript's innovative approach to transcription and API support, Smith Micro Software was able to enhance its development efforts.
Smith Micro Software
Recognized as an authority in the mobile industry for over 35 years, Smith Micro Software specializes in highly scalable mobile applications for cable and mobile operators worldwide. They develop their solutions with past experiences and focus on the needs and challenges of today and tomorrow. Over 100M devices worldwide currently use their solutions one way or another.
Get accurate transcripts to use as a “truth file” and benchmark machine learning transcripts.
Smith Micro Software provides solutions for mobile operators, which often involve machine learning. Although it made tremendous leaps in recent years, machine learning still can't compete with the human ear when it comes to producing an accurate transcript. This is especially true when the recording quality is not optimal. Because of that, Smith Micro Software uses GoTranscript's services to provide a precise reference file they can use as a reference for machine-generated transcripts.

"We were looking for an API-driven human transcription service and came across GoTranscript in a web search," says David Sperling, CFO at Smith Micro Software. "We previously used another company, but their support was not great, and they did not offer transcription services in languages other than English."
Assigning parts to the best transcribers capable of dealing with all types of content regardless of audio quality to ensure a flawless final transcript.
GoTranscript understands the importance of accuracy in transcription, especially in cases where the recording quality isn't great, there's a lot of background noise, or participants often talk over each other. Machine learning solutions just can't deal with these things adequately. Since nothing comes close to the human ear, GoTranscript can produce transcripts with the famed 99% accuracy.
Smith Micro Software managed to save time with the API and increase the quality of their products thanks to transcripts they can rely on.
"We use GoTranscript's services in English and Spanish exclusively for development purposes. We purchase machine learning transcription services from other companies, and we need GoTranscript to help us measure the quality of those services," says David Sperling. "The documents we get from GoTranscript are used as a benchmark to verify the quality of computer transcription services. This helps us increase the quality of our product and offer more value to our clients."

While they only need anywhere from 100 to 1,000 minutes per year, Smith Micro Software decided to keep using GoTranscript in the future. The reason for this was mainly the API integration that streamlines the whole process and flawless transcription regardless of the language used.
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