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Testimonial Hero
Testimonial Hero
How GoTranscript Helped Testimonial Hero Provide a Complete Service to Its Clients Without Compromising Quality
Thanks to GoTranscript's versatile array of services, Testimonial Hero was able to expand into new markets without hiring in-house translators or compromising product quality.
Testimonial Hero
Testimonial Hero is a media company from Boston, MA, that specializes in creating stunning customer testimonial videos for different clients, including globally recognized brands like Google, UiPath, and countless others. Due to working with international clients, Testimonial Hero needs reliable translation, transcription, subtitling, and captioning. The company plans to expand in recent future and start working on a wider variety of content, including announcements, webinars, and more.
Provide accurate and reliable translations, transcriptions, subtitles, and captions in different languages for the global market without building an in-house team.
To succeed, global businesses must reach out to clients in different regions and communicate their message well in various languages. This is impossible without seasoned translation experts. Hiring such talent can become a problem for businesses that aim to thrive in the global market. Instead of hiring new employees, Testimonial Hero decided to outsource these services.

"We researched the market to see the available options, and GoTranscript stood out with an impressive list of supported languages," says Katia P, Director of Client Experience at Testimonial Hero. "We looked into other services as well, but either their transcription services were not so great, or they didn't cover the languages we needed."
Use GoTranscript's global team of translators to produce top-quality translations, transcripts, subtitles, and captions for videos, including raw footage and finished videos.
Hiring employees to handle translation, transcription, subtitles, and captioning is costly. In some cases, the right talent is nearly impossible to source locally. By outsourcing all this work to GoTranscript, Testimonial Hero can translate content into over 50 languages.

GoTranscript's global team of translators has vast experience in dealing with different types of content. More importantly, each order goes through several quality checks to ensure every word is where it should be, so the client's message remains clear regardless of the target language.
Testimonial Hero can now provide translations, transcripts, subtitles, and captions as part of their service to clients worldwide without worrying about language barriers.
Thanks to GoTranscript's dedication to quality and accuracy, Testimonial Hero can count on high-quality translations at a fraction of the cost of an in-house translation team. "We can now create videos anywhere around the world," says Katia P. "Seamless client experience was also impacted in a positive manner, and this is also critical for any thriving business."

At the moment, Testimonial Hero uses GoTranscript's transcription service for about 20 hours of content per year, with additional five hours of captions and subtitles. The company looks forward to expanding its services to other types of content with GoTranscript as a reliable transcription, translation, subtitling, and captioning partner.
Katia P.
Director of Client Experience
Website: Testimonial Hero