Case Study

Full Moon Creative LLC.
Full Moon Creative LLC.
How GoTranscript Helped Full Moon Creative Provide New Services to Their Clients
Thanks to GoTranscript's state-of-the-art transcription and captioning solutions, Full Moon Creative was able to expand its range of services and offer a complete final product to its clients.
Full Moon Creative LLC.
Full Moon Creative is a video production company based in Florida, USA. It's an original, flexible, and innovative marketing and advertising business that believes creativity and collaboration go hand in hand. Their team of national award-winning creative professionals specializes in taking clients' ideas and evolving them into visual stories for TV commercials, web series, and social media content.
Include transcripts and captions with municipal government meetings to provide a full service for clients, clerks, and residents without compromising quality.
Municipal meetings are a common way for people to come together and express their ideas, hear proposals, share information, and develop solutions. Many people can't attend these meetings for different reasons, but they still want to stay up-to-date on what goes on in their community. What's the best way to provide an accurate text record of a meeting without an in-house transcription team?

"We found GoTranscript with a quick Google search. We needed a reliable transcription and captioning partner for our municipal meetings," says Kyle Notkin, a Producer at Full Moon Creative. "We did have a somewhat rocky start, but we get what we need most of the time, so we're happy to work with GT."
Use GoTranscript's transcription experts to produce top-quality transcripts and captions for each meeting.
A lot goes on at municipal meetings. There's often more than one person speaking at a time, discussions sometimes get heated, and background conversations are fairly common. Providing flawless results as fast as possible without compromises can be a challenge. GoTranscript's transcribers have vast experience in dealing with different types of meetings, so each order gets the right treatment. Finally, each transcript goes through a rigorous editing process to ensure 99% accuracy.
Full Moon Creative can now provide transcripts and captions as part of their service to make the content easier to comprehend and navigate.
"GoTranscript is a great extension of our team," says Kyle N. "It helps us save a lot of time and provide more services for our clients without having to hire transcribers."

At the moment, Full Moon Creative makes between 50-100 orders per year, relying on GoTranscript for all their transcription and caption needs.