Case Study

How Finastra Utilized GoTranscript's Quick Turnaround Time and World-Famous 99% Accuracy to Save Time Within the Company and Improve Knowledge Transfer
With GoTranscript's fastest turnaround times in the industry, Finastra saves time and resources on transcription and note-taking, focusing on high value-added work instead.
Finastra creates and deploys innovative next-generation tech on their open Fusion software architecture and cloud ecosystem. Their scale and geographical reach allow them to serve different clients effectively regardless of size or location – from global financial institutions to community banks and credit unions.
Transcribe interviews with customers and internal experts for quick summaries and easier knowledge transfer within the company.
Finastra offers deep expertise and a range of pre-integrated solutions in retail and transaction banking, lending, and capital markets, and treasury. The company often performs customer interviews and conversations with internal experts on different aspects of the market and business in general. All these conversations need to be transcribed in a timely manner and as accurately as possible. Since text is significantly more convenient for data extraction and analysis, Finastra saves significant amounts of time and optimizes knowledge transfer on different levels.

"We found GoTranscript via Google. Our experience has been great so far," says Andrei Charniauski, Director of Market Intelligence at Finastra. "All our orders get done quickly and their pricing is reasonable, so it's a perfect fit for us."
Split up the source material into fragments to speed up the transcription process while maintaining accuracy.
Finance-related transcription requires the right expertise. With this in mind, GoTranscript ensures every order gets completed by transcribers with years of experience in the industry. There's no space for mistakes of any kind, so each task goes through strict editing and proofreading to reach the advertised 99% accuracy.

Finastra managed to save significant amounts of time and manpower for different departments and streamline the knowledge transfer within the company.
"We interview customers and internal experts on different aspects of the market and business. GoTranscript helps us turn these interviews into text without spending time on transcription or taking notes. This helps our employees focus on value-added work and improves knowledge transfer while saving people's time and resources," says Andrei C. "We do not have a steady stream of orders. We usually just order what we need, which is 3-4 hours per month."

After verifying the accuracy and the quality of the delivered work, Finastra decided to go with GoTranscript for all their transcription needs in the future, which is usually up to four hours of content per month.
Andrei Charniauski
Director of Market Intelligence
Website: Finastra