Case Study

How GoTranscript Helped Osteocom Develop Its Service and Expand Worldwide
With GoTranscript's top-of-the-line transcription, captioning, and translation services, Osteocom managed to make a significant international growth while lightening its workload at the same time.
Currently the number one platform for online dental education in Italy, Osteocom is an EdTech company and a booming reality worldwide. Its mission is simple – optimize clinical training and provide a simple and convenient way for all dental professionals to learn the newest procedures and techniques. Osteocom sharing platform connects thousands of professionals around the world using social tools for professional training.
Find a reliable localization partner to help international growth by adequately adapting products for different markets.
Localization is so much more than simple translation. Getting your message across in a different language and to a new audience is impossible without the right experience and expertise. If the industry in question is related to medicine, the challenge becomes even greater because every mishap can have dire consequences.

Osteocom was looking to broaden their audience and make their content available to professionals worldwide, so they reached out to GoTranscript. "We wanted to target different markets and broaden our audience by translating our courses," says Cecilia Rossini, the Chief Marketing Officer at Osteocom.
Use GoTranscript's expert medical transcribers and captioners to produce top-quality transcripts and captions in multiple languages while ensuring nothing gets "lost in translation."
Providing perfect results in a timely manner without sacrificing quality is essential, especially when dealing with educational content. With this in mind, GoTranscript always ensures every client and every order get the care and attention they deserve. With industry experts from all over the world, a rigorous error-checking process, and dedicated account managers, GoTranscript makes a true one-stop shop for companies looking to conquer the global market. Osteocom was no exception.
Thanks to localized content, Osteocom can now offer its services worldwide and grow the number of customers.
"We found GoTranscript very useful and helpful in our business development," says Cecilia R. "It makes it easier, faster, and cheaper for us to tailor our video courses for different markets. Gotranscript allows us to lighten our workload for production and reach a wider audience with our content."

"We want to grow internationally. I would say, as an estimation, that GoTranscript has an impact on our growth around 8-10% as it facilitates content fruition," says Cecilia R. Osteocom is currently present in the US, Canada, UK, and other European countries, and that's just the beginning.
Cecilia Rossini
Chief Marketing Officer
Website: Osteocom