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Trinity Life Sciences
Trinity Life Sciences
How GoTranscript Helped Trinity Life Sciences Streamline Its Workstreams By Outsourcing Transcription and Translation
Thanks to GoTranscript's industry-leading transcription and translation services, Trinity Life Sciences improved its research analysis without hiring additional employees.
Trinity Life Sciences
Founded in 1996, Trinity Life Sciences is a global team of advisors, technical experts, data integrators, and technology innovators focused on advisory services, insights, analytics, and technology to meet the needs of emerging biotech companies and established pharmaceutical firms. Trinity Life Sciences offers end-to-end analytical and strategic support for early-stage companies and established clients in the life sciences industry.
Find a reliable transcription and translation partner to improve research analysis and provide reliable insights.
Keeping accurate records is more important than ever before, especially for companies focused on consulting. Audio and video content is easy to create but can be a nightmare to analyze and extract information from. This becomes an even bigger problem for companies that operate globally, with clients from all corners of the world. Transcription and translation offer a way to simplify analysis and save a significant amount of time on a daily basis.

Trinity Life Sciences needed a reliable partner to outsource its transcription and translation with the aim to prevent over-assigning this type of work to in-house consultants and optimize research analysis. "We were looking for a reliable service to take care of our translation and transcription tasks," says Ignacio Urdaneta, Associate Consultant at Trinity Life Sciences. "What made us give GoTranscript a shot were fair prices and multiple language options. We also love the service's speed and reliability."
Use GoTranscript's stellar international team of experts to produce accurate transcripts and translations.
Companies all over the world outsource transcription and translation because it helps them save on the cost of hiring new employees for these tasks. By outsourcing this type of work, a company only pays for what it needs instead of full salaries and accompanying benefits. Outsourcing is faster, more affordable, and helps existing employees focus on other duties. With GoTranscript, a company can simply upload any video or audio content and get back an accurate transcript or translation that's ready for analysis. More importantly, it's significantly easier to store text content than other formats.
With GoTranscript, Trinity Life Sciences can focus on what it does best and enjoy optimized analysis and record-keeping at minimal costs.
"GoTranscript enables us to delegate transcription and translation responsibilities and prioritize other workstreams," says Ignacio Urdaneta. "We mostly use transcriptions and translations, as they help us reference specific insights from our interviews and avoid over-assigning long translation and transcription work to our consultants. The service is fast and reliable, so it helps us provide reliable insights to our clients."

After trying out GoTranscript's human-based translation and transcription services, Trinity Life Sciences decided to stay on as a regular client. Although the volume of orders varies, they plan to make around 800 transcription orders in 2022.
Ignacio Urdaneta
Associate Consultant
Website: Trinity Life Sciences