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ViewRay, Inc.
ViewRay, Inc.
How GoTranscript Helped ViewRay, Inc. Overcome Language Barriers and Reach Global Clients and Prospects Efficiently
Thanks to GoTranscript's industry-leading transcription, translation, and subtitling services, ViewRay improved communications while saving time and resources.
ViewRay, Inc.
ViewRay, Inc. (Nasdaq: VRAY) is a medical device company that designs, manufactures, and markets the MRIdian® MRI-guided radiation therapy system. MRIdian® provides oncologists worldwide with outstanding anatomical visualization and the ability to adapt a radiation therapy plan, with 57 systems installed at hospitals around the world. These systems are used to treat various tumors and are the focus of numerous ongoing research efforts.
Find a reliable transcription, translation, and subtitling partner to adapt content for different markets quickly and accurately.
Language is a common barrier in many healthcare settings, and clear communication is essential for providing the best care. In other words, there's no room for errors in translating medical documentation. A single mistranslated word can cause complications and irreparable damage. With inaccurate translations, a treatment system can easily become life-threatening.

ViewRay serves a global market, so it's essential that physicians and other healthcare professionals worldwide understand key topics in presentations and discussions. To address this need, ViewRay needed a reliable partner.

"Several years ago, we needed a transcription service that could transcribe audio recordings of our medical advisory board meetings," says Michael Saracen, the Vice President of Clinical Marketing at ViewRay. "I googled transcription services and GoTranscript popped up. We tried them and were very pleased with the accuracy of the results. Since then, we have used GoTranscript's services to translate documents and create video subtitles."
Use GoTranscript's international team of medical transcription, translation, and subtitling experts to produce accurate document transcripts, translations, and video subtitles.
Many global healthcare companies outsource transcription and translation since it saves time and money. In most cases, using a specialized service provider costs significantly less than covering salaries and other benefits for new employees. With GoTranscript, a company can simply upload the content and get accurate transcripts, translations, and subtitles that are ready to use.

GoTranscript recognizes the importance of accuracy when it comes to this type of content and uses only certified medical transcription and translation professionals to handle the work. These experts are seasoned professionals and native speakers who understand the cultural differences, language intricacies, and other factors essential for delivering flawless results regardless of content type.
With GoTranscript, ViewRay can share content quickly and reliably at minimal costs and without worrying about any language barriers.
"GoTranscript provides a fast, accurate, and reliable offering. They nearly always complete projects ahead of schedule and with an accuracy I have grown to rely on," says Mr. Saracen. "This saves significant time and costs of regional teammates having to check the accuracy of the work."

Mr. Saracen also added, "For example, one project required eight hours of Japanese subtitles for videos in English. The project in Japan was going to cost five times the amount offered by GoTranscript. The team at GoTranscript worked with us to ensure we received exactly what we needed in the time frame we asked."

Since late 2019, ViewRay has completed 77 projects with GoTranscript. "As our company grows and we enter new markets, especially the ones where we haven't established a strong foundation yet, we anticipate using GoTranscript's services more," says Mr. Saracen. "Leveraging these services will help us break down barriers and spread information quickly and more efficiently across the organization in local languages."
Michael Saracen
Vice President of Clinical Marketing
Website: ViewRay, Inc.