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Transcription in Research
Transcription in Research
How GoTranscript Helped Eric C. Montague Save Time and Streamline His Research Efforts
With Gotranscript's industry-leading transcription services, researchers can save time, make content more accessible, and focus on more important tasks.
Eric C. Montague
Eric C. Montague is a graduate student working on a historical monograph on a federal undercover sting from the 1980s as part of his Ph.D. dissertation. As part of his research efforts, he's performing oral history interviews. Due to the project's immense scope, transcription helps him save time and focus on other research efforts.
Find a reliable service to outsource transcription and save time while also making data easier to access, share, and analyze.
From interviews and statements to lectures, focus groups, and other verbal content, the key benefit of transcription in research is that it enables researchers to analyze and process audio and video data in a more detailed and systematic way. By transcribing interviews, it becomes significantly easier to recognize themes and patterns which might not be obvious from watching or listening to the recorded content. This approach provides valuable insights into participants' perspectives, opinions, and experiences.

Also, using transcription as a part of the research effort makes data more accessible and easier to navigate. Analyzing it using software tools also becomes an option for researchers looking to gain a deeper understanding of the data. It's also significantly easier to share, enabling more convenient collaboration and knowledge transfer.

"I found GoTranscript on Google, and I've been a user since 2018," says Eric C. Montague. "So far, my experience with the platform has been nothing short of spectacular."
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There are several benefits of outsourcing research transcription. It's a time-consuming process, especially if large amounts of data are involved. Finding a reliable transcription service can free up the researchers' time and allow them to focus on other, more important tasks. It's also cost-effective, which is a crucial factor for students and researchers working on a budget. Finally, a professional transcription service can offer the most suitable talent for the task and ensure consistent and accurate results.

"GoTranscript has mostly transcribed audio and large PDF files for me in the past four years. So far, I've spent over $15,000 on the platform," says Eric. "As a student researching a massive project, I do not have time for transcription. After trying out a few different platforms, it was obvious that GoTranscript was the perfect fit for my needs."
With GoTranscript as a transcription partner, Eric C. Montague can focus on other aspects of his research without compromising the quality and accuracy of his records.
"I've been very pleased with GoTranscript's services so far," says Eric. "They've successfully transcribed countless audio and PDF files for me, and the finished transcripts are accurate and dependable. In the end, my work will most likely be consumed through a podcast I'm producing alongside the dissertation. It will reach a large audience, and these transcripts will be a critical part of that work."

While Eric couldn't comment on the scope of upcoming orders, he will keep using the service until the project is completed. "I highly recommend GoTranscript to anyone seeking fast, accurate, and affordable transcription services."
Eric C. Montague