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Global DTP s.r.o.
Global DTP s.r.o.
How GoTranscript Helped Global DTP s.r.o. Offer a Full Range of Services to Their Clients
With GoTranscript's top-of-the-line transcription and captioning services, Global DTP s.r.o. expanded their offerings and is now able to take on more projects.
Global DTP s.r.o.
Based in the Czech Republic, Global DTP s.r.o. offers professional desktop publishing and media services to their clients in the localization industry. The company mainly specializes in multilingual publishing, as well as video and e-learning solutions. Global DTP s.r.o. was founded in 2003 and has been delivering high-quality services to clients all over the world ever since.
Offer transcription and captioning services without compromising quality or pricing to attract new clients and keep growing.
Transcription and captioning are two crucial components of e-learning. Turning videos and presentations into text or adding captions makes the content easier to navigate, which in turn boosts the knowledge transfer. With a growing demand for these types of services, Global DTP s.r.o. needed a partner they could rely on at all times.

"We were looking for a service that would provide us with easy, straightforward, and accurate transcripts," says JMarek Šmerda, Production Director at Global DTP s.r.o. "This is something GoTranscript provided for us without any issues along the way."
Use GoTranscript's seasoned transcription experts to provide top-quality transcripts and captions regardless of the industry and content type.
Providing flawless results as fast as possible without any impact on quality is crucial, especially for e-learning materials. GoTranscript always makes sure each order gets the attention it needs and the right transcription expertise. With transcription veterans from all over the world, every order falls into the right hands. Add to that a rigorous editing and proofreading process, and you get the famous 99% accuracy GoTranscript has been known for.
Global DTP s.r.o. can now offer transcription and captioning as part of their services to existing and new clients.
"GoTranscript helps us out a lot," says Marek Š. "We mostly use transcription and captioning. We're now able to provide a complete service for our existing clients, and it makes finding new ones easier. The quick turnaround times are also important for us. We know we can rely on GoTranscript to get the job done, so we're able to take on bigger projects, too."

While the amount of work is modest at the moment, Global DTP s.r.o. believes good things lie ahead. As Marek Š. said, "We usually don't need a lot of work done. However, we're looking into some bigger projects at the moment, and we believe we'll take on more of those in the future."
Marek Šmerda
Production Director
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