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Le Centre franco
Le Centre franco
How Le Centre franco Uses GoTranscript's Services to Improve Content Accessibility and Stay Compliant
Thanks to GoTranscript's world-famous transcription and captioning services, Le Centre franco can meet all standards and law requirements in terms of accessibility without compromising quality.
Le Centre franco
Le Centre franco is an education-focused non-profit organization that provides services and produces educational resources to promote French-language education. The center has over 140 skilled specialists who focus on the professional development of school personnel, creating resources and online courses, along with managing education projects.
Transcribe and caption content to meet standards and law requirements in terms of accessibility while maintaining impeccable quality.
Accessibility is crucial for education-focused content for several reasons. It ensures that all individuals can access and benefit from this content. It ensures inclusion and equal opportunities for educators and students alike to participate fully in the learning process. Aside from being an ethical responsibility, making content accessible is also a legal obligation in many countries worldwide.

"In 2019, the need to produce closed captions and transcripts for videos used in our resources arose," says Yves Demers, Project Manager at Le Centre franco. "A lengthy internet research effort to find a reliable service in that area led us to GoTranscript. Our criteria were speed and accuracy. GoTranscript was by far the best service we found and still is today, especially accuracy-wise."
Use GoTranscript's global expert team to provide high-quality captions and transcripts with a focus on compliance, accuracy, and fast delivery.
Accurate transcriptions and captions play a crucial role in educational content. Aside from ensuring accessibility for all individuals, they're necessary for staying compliant with laws and regulations. Many companies and organizations don't have the necessary human resources for this aspect of content creation, so they turn to outsourcing.

A specialized transcription service like GoTranscript offers several advantages - high scalability, cost-effectiveness, and strict quality control. Every task is assigned to a team member with the right background and goes through a rigorous editing process to ensure maximum accuracy. A firm grasp of accessibility standards and regulations is another benefit for clients who need to stay compliant with the law.
Le Centre franco can meet all necessary accessibility requirements without compromising workflow, keeping staff focused on content development.
"Producing educational videos is our area of expertise, but transcriptions and captions are not," says Yves Demers. "All our products, be it web or digital, must be accessible. We used to handle these tasks internally, which took time and resources away from other aspects of our business. GoTranscript changed all of it, allowing us to focus on what we do best – writing, designing, and developing educational content."

Le Centre franco has used GoTranscript's services for over 50 hours of video. "With GoTranscript, we save time and resources. More importantly, we don't have to worry about quality and compliance."
Yves Demers
Project Manager
Website: Le Centre Franco