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International Health Organization*
International Health Organization*
How GoTranscript Helped an International Health Organization Create New Opportunities to Expand Operations
Thanks to GoTranscript's world-famous transcription, translation, and subtitling services, the organization can adapt and repurpose content, expanding global cooperation.
International Health Organization*
The organization is dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding of the etiology, prevention, and treatment of cardiovascular health, founded more than 40 years ago. Through collaboration with medical and research communities worldwide, it aims to develop strategies for preventing and managing cardiometabolic diseases.
Find a reliable transcription, translation, and subtitling service to adapt content for international audiences quickly and accurately.
The language barrier poses a significant problem for international organizations because of their global reach and diverse audience. The language diversity among members and participants can severely hinder collaboration and the exchange of vital information. To overcome this issue efficiently, it's important to find the right partner.

While outsourcing language-related tasks saves time and resources, accuracy is the most important aspect for organizations such as this one. Due to the nature of the work, there's no room for error. Precise and accurate transcription, translation, and subtitling are crucial to ensure all information remains unchanged across different languages.
Use GoTranscript's global team of medical transcription, translation, and subtitling experts to produce accurate translations, transcripts, and subtitles for webinars, publications, and other content.
The organization needed a reliable and efficient partner for these tasks. "I found GoTranscript through a friend," says Emanuela F., past Executive Director at the organization. "The services we use are video transcription, translation, and subtitles in several languages, mainly for webinars and publications."

GoTranscript understands how important accuracy is when it comes to this type of content. That's why we use only certified medical transcription and translation professionals to handle the work. Anything less can easily lead to misinterpretation of critical scientific concepts, compromise the content's integrity, and even impact the quality of patient care.

Although the organization doesn't require it, it's important to note that GoTranscript's services are fully HIPAA-compliant. The platform uses multiple infrastructure, network, data protection, and confidentiality safeguards to maintain the privacy and security of personal health-related information. More importantly, we employ seasoned professionals and native speakers specifically cleared to handle this and other types of sensitive information.
With GoTranscript, the organization can share content quickly and reliably in different languages, creating new business opportunities and expanding cooperation.
"We do not have internal staff for these tasks," says Emanuela F. "so GoTranscript helps us adapt content for international audiences and adds fabulous opportunities to expand our operations. The thing we appreciate the most is the assistance of the staff. Our account manager, Ignas Ambrasunas, is a great problem solver, a fantastic partner to work with, and someone we can trust."

"Reliability is very important for us, both for timing and quality control. All translations we get from GoTranscript go through an internal verification process, and the number of errors we find is always limited. We use GoTranscript's services widely, as we post all webinars and publications on our websites and in eblasts."

APredicting the amount of work expected in the future is somewhat challenging for organizations like this. Still, Emanuela F. emphasized that they're very satisfied with the services and looking forward to working together in the future.