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Futuristic Films
Futuristic Films
How Futuristic Films Uses GoTranscript’s Services to Reach a More Diverse Audience While Saving Time
With GoTranscript's top-notch captioning and translation services, Futuristic Films can speed up the editing process, save time, and reach international audiences.
Futuristic Films
Futuristic Films is a commercial media projection company from Denver, Colorado. It's a full spectrum studio powered by passionate filmmakers, covering all aspects of production from start to finish. This seasoned team is dedicated to empowering clients to tell compelling and inspiring stories.
Find a reliable and timely captioning and translation service with the appropriate talent to handle video content and optimize workflow.
Video content has been dominating our fast-paced digital world for decades. Anyone who deals with video production, from individual content creators to global industry giants, understands the importance of engaging with a diverse audience. Hence, translations and captions play a pivotal role in the modern video production process, making content more accessible and appealing.

Even though they're made in the original language, captions help viewers better understand the content. They also make it easier to engage with, even without sound. But most importantly, they're crucial for individuals with hearing impairments. On the other hand, translating video content to other languages is the easiest and most effective way to reach an international audience.

Futuristic Films was looking for a reliable captioning and translation partner to handle these tasks and came across GoTranscript. "We've been using GoTranscript for about a year," said Emma Harris, a Project Manager at Futuristic Films. "The platform is really easy to use, which we love. It helps us create captions and translations for some of our videos."
Use GoTranscript’s services as an all-in-one solution for timely captions and translations with a focus on accuracy and quick turnaround time.
Only accurate captions and translations can adequately strengthen the core message of video content and maximize its impact. There are several ways GoTranscript ensures the end result is always 99% accurate or even higher. With a global team of language experts, it's easy to ensure each order gets meticulously handled by the most suitable talent. This linguistic expertise warrants capturing the source material's essence regardless of the content type and complexity."

To maintain this focus on accuracy, GoTranscript uses a rigorous error-checking process throughout the entire workflow. Thanks to seasoned proofreaders, there's no room for error or any other inconsistencies. This stringent approach guarantees that Futuristic Films and all other clients always receive high-quality captions and translations which meet the industry standards.

"We primarily use captions, which are an imperative asset to video creation,"said Ms. Harris. "Our orders are usually in Spanish and English, and we've been thrilled with the results."
Thanks to GoTranscript’s all-in-one language services, Futuristic Films team saves time and can focus on creating content and other tasks.
"Aside from making it easier for us to reach a more diverse audience, GoTranscript has helped us streamline our editing process," said Ms. Harris. "It helps us save time and allows us to move through the post-production stage more swiftly. More importantly, we don't have to worry about any accuracy-related issues."

Although Futuristic Films' content needs vary, Ms. Harris says they plan on remaining a regular client.
Emma Harris
Project Manager
Website: Futuristic Films