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Planning & Zoning Department Bedford, New Hampshire, USA
Planning & Zoning Department Bedford, New Hampshire, USA
How GoTranscript's High Accuracy and Fast Turnaround Times helped the P&Z Department of Bedford, NH to Stay on Schedule
Thanks to GoTranscript's innovative approach to transcription, Bedford's Planning & Zoning department managed to stay on schedule and provide their meeting minutes for public review.
Planning & Zoning Department, Bedford, New Hampshire
Bedford's Planning & Zoning Department is focused on building consensus among the residents and businesses on the future path the community will take while keeping a close eye on the environment and economic sustainability. This includes providing customer service and information, growth management, revising regulations, reviewing development proposals, handling zoning complaints, etc.
Get meeting minutes transcribed and available to the public as soon as possible.
Bedford Planning & Zoning Department is obligated by the State of New Hampshire to provide transcripts of their meetings and make them available to the general public. When it comes to public service, the only thing that matters more than timing is accuracy. Providing accurate transcripts to everyone who's interested is the only way to make sure citizens stay informed and up-to-date.

"We came across GoTranscript via a web search," says Mrs. Christine Szostak. "After trying the free version, seeing the results, and navigating through their intuitive website, making our first order was easy. We needed a partner we can rely on and a transcription company that offers quick turnaround times and is available when needed."
Assigning parts to seasoned transcribers for the fastest turnaround times and accurate results.
Since getting the work done as fast as possible was crucial in this case, GoTranscript split the content and assigned the parts to top-notch talent with the right experience in this type of work. This ensured a quick turnaround without compromising the guaranteed 99% accuracy, which is just as crucial for public services.

Transcribing meetings without experience in dealing with groups of people and a refined ear to differentiate multiple speakers often leads to inaccurate labels and constant mixups in the transcript. With a seasoned team of editors and transcribers, GoTranscript made sure every single speaker was labeled correctly and the transcripts were ready to use right away.
Bedford's Planning & Zoning Department managed to fulfill its obligations on time.
"Making sure every speaker was properly identified by their last name was very important for us, and we made it very clear," says Mrs. Christine Szostak. "Although we usually rely on our in-house transcribers, they can't always handle everything on time. In case there's just too much work to deal with, we'll be turning to GoTranscript in the future. The amount of work varies from month to month, but we know it's a dependable and accurate transcription service with a fast turnaround that's available 24/7."

After trying out the free transcription, Bedford's Planning & Zoning department decided to go with GoTranscript for all their meeting transcription needs, varying from 30-60 to 200-300 minutes per month.
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