Case Study

Financial Services and Investment Company*
Financial Services and Investment Company*
How a Financial Services Company Utilized GoTranscripts Fast Turnaround Times and 99% Accuracy to Optimize the Workflow and Provide a Value-Add to its Client Base
Thanks to GoTranscript's fastest turnaround time in the industry, the company saves significant amounts of time on summaries and approvals while optimizing communication between departments.
Financial Services and Investment Company*
The company offers a comprehensive range of financial products and wealth management services in every sector, region, and investment discipline. Their wide array of financial solutions ranges from open and closed-end investment funds, tax-advantaged, fee-based, and custom high-net-worth programs.
*The information has been anonymized as requested by the client
Transcribe conference calls with clients for quick summaries production and approval
There's no way to imagine modern business without conferencing, especially when a business deals with clients and partners in different parts of the world. The company often has conference calls that need to be transcribed accurately and as fast as possible. Since they're significantly more convenient for data extraction, they save significant amounts of time for sales, product, and marketing departments.

"GoTranscript has proved to be a service we can rely on," says Yasminka M., Senior Manager. "The 24-hour turnaround is what made us try the service because the competition offers a turnaround time of 45 hours or even more. The final transcripts are easy to review and update if needed, so they're ready to go as soon as we get them."
Split up the recording into small sections to streamline the transcription process without compromising quality or privacy.
Since finance-related transcription requires adequate expertise, GoTranscript ensures each order is completed by transcribers with vast experience in the industry. There's no room for errors of any kind, so each transcript goes through editing and proofreading to ensure uncompromising 99% accuracy.

Since this type of content is very sensitive, GoTranscript also protects the clients' privacy with encryption, strong NDAs, and strict removal policies. All this ensures only assigned talent has access to the content and is removed from GoTranscript servers as soon as the work is completed.
The company managed to save significant amounts of time for different departments and offer an added value for clients.
"With GoTranscript, were able to produce summaries of our events and get them approved by our compliance much faster. We then use these transcripts for sales, products, and marketing departments as needed to provide a value-add for our financial advisor-client base," says Yasminka M. "We have up to six of these events each month, so the time GoTranscript saves for our different departments quickly adds up."

After testing the fastest turnaround time option and verifying the accuracy, the company decided to go with GoTranscript for all their conference call transcription needs in the future, ranging from four to eight hours of recorded content per month.