Case Study

How GoTranscript's Team of Expert Translators Helped Risk and Strategic Management, Corp. Expand Their Training Offerings Across the World
Thanks to GoTranscript's global team of seasoned translators, RSM managed to offer more language options and expand their education endeavors.
Risk and Strategic Management, Corp.
Risk and Strategic Management, Corp. is a full-service risk and business continuity consulting, management services, training, and capacity-building organization. They bring together the knowledge, skills, products, and global reach to create integrated solutions that are sustainable over the long term. Their world-class team supports organizations in multiple regions, creating the resilience necessary to survive and thrive in a dynamic world.
Translate new and existing training courses into several common languages to expand RSM's global reach.
Risk and Strategic Management, Corp. offers a wide array of innovative, engaging, certified, and personalized training solutions that need translating to other languages. These materials are used to establish RSM's presence in different regions of the world thanks to more language options.

"We already used other GoTranscript services," says Calvin Reid, Deputy Director of Creative at RSM. "We decided to try out translation since we were already familiar with GoTranscript's high accuracy, low cost, and fast turnaround times."
Assigning tasks to the ideal language experts with the right knowledge to produce clean, accurate, and timely translations.
Since RSM's content focuses on a specific industry, GoTranscript ensures every single order is completed by translators with the necessary skills and experience. There's no room for errors when dealing with professional training material. For accurate results, it's crucial to utilize the right talent. Knowing this, GoTranscript decided to call on its best translators to ensure nothing gets "lost in translation."
RSM managed to provide their training materials in new locations and several different languages
"Thanks to GoTranscript's translation services, we've started queueing up previous and new courses we've developed for translating into several common languages," says Calvin Reid. "This helps us educate more people internationally. Offering our flexible training solutions to a new audience without worrying about language barriers allows various organizations to develop their leadership, management, and individual knowledge and skill areas."

After trying out GoTranscript's services, Risk and Strategic Management, Corp. decided to stay on as a regular client for all their future translation needs thanks to the high quality of work, low costs, and quick turnaround times. While the amount of work is impossible to predict, it will most likely grow in the future.
Deputy Director of Creative, Risk and Strategic Management, Corp.