SRT to SUB converter

Captioning is turning the audio content of a video into text and displaying it on a screen or monitor. Captions and subtitles typically appear as dialogue or text at the bottom of the screen in films, television programs, video games, or other visual media. They allow people with hearing disabilities to understand and enjoy the dialogue in the same way that others do. In some countries and on most social media platforms, including captions in all video content is mandatory.

Captions have been in use for broadcast video since 1970. Over the years, as media formats evolved, so did caption formats. The emergence of online video sped up this evolution exponentially, with each video platform and editing application seeming to have its own official format. 

Although there's no universally accepted captioning formatting standard, some, such as SRT and SUB, are more mainstream than others. 

How to Convert SRT to SUB Format

Before, you would need to recreate and encode entire caption files and videos each time you changed the caption format to make it compatible with a media player or platform. Today, converting files has never been easier. With GoTranscript, it only takes a few clicks. 

  • On Google, search for "GoTranscript subtitle converter." An easier way would be to click this link
  • Click on Upload and select your source file.
  • Pick the format you want to convert it to. In this case, it's "SUB"
  • Click Convert. 
  • When the conversion is complete, export and download the resulting file.  

GoTranscript can convert all subtitle files, including SSA, SRT, SBV, and SUB, into the format of your choice. It has a comprehensive interface ideal for all users, even those without technical knowledge.