SRT to XML converter

Do you want to convert your SRT subtitles without any extra cost? You are in luck. Using the free subtitle converter by GoTranscript, you can conveniently convert your subtitles from SRT to XML. The following section is a step-by-step guide to get your XML captions effortlessly.

How to Convert SRT to XML Format?

You need no prior registration to use GoTranscript's online subtitle converter tool, meaning you can use it from any browser tab. We recommend Google Chrome browser for the best results. However, you can opt for any modern browser supported by your operating system (Windows, macOS, Linux) to access the GoTranscript tool for converting captions from SRT to XML. For subtitle conversion, follow the next steps: 

  • On the subtitle converter tool page, click the "Upload" button in the "Upload files" pane and select your SRT subtitle file from your PC or mobile to upload it through the browser.
  • Allow the file to get correctly uploaded and wait a few seconds. A file entry will appear in the same "Attached file(s)" section.
  • The uploaded file's type will get automatically determined by our advanced tool.
  • Now, move on to the "Select Format" pane and select the XML option to convert from SRT to XML format.
  • Next, click the "Convert" button in the "Get Files" pane to export your file in XML format.
  • Your browser will automatically download the resulting subtitle file.  

GoTranscript subtitle converter is a multiformat tool, so you can use this tool to convert your SRT files to many other popular subtitle formats like STL, SMI, etc., depending on your needs.