STL to LRC converter

To make your videos more versatile, consider converting your STL subtitle or caption files into other formats to use with different software types. One format to which you can convert your STL files is LRC.

How to Convert STL to LRC Format

The free online subtitle converter by GoTranscript is easy and fast to use. The tool is compatible with any operating system, and you don't have to register. Moreover, you don't have to install conversion software on your device as the converter is online. You can use this subtitle converter as long as your device is internet-enabled and can access a web browser.

Here are the steps to follow to convert your files from STL to LRC: 

  • On your browser, enter "GoTranscript Subtitle converter" in the search bar. A link to the conversion tool will appear on the results page.
  • Click the Upload button to upload the STL file(s) you want to convert. Alternatively, you can drag and drop your STL files.
  • Select the format you want to convert your files into, which in this case is LRC.
  • Click on the Convert button to convert your files into the desired format.
  • The converted files are available for download immediately after conversion. 
  • If you experience any trouble when converting, you can contact GoTranscript's 24/7 customer support. 

Using the GoTranscript subtitle converter, your STL to LRC conversion will be hassle-free.

The tool is free and straightforward to use, and you can use it to convert your subtitle files at your convenience, be it on a Windows machine, a mobile phone, or a MacBook. Additionally, the platform deletes all uploaded and converted files from its servers after 24 hours to guarantee safety and confidentiality.