Convert TXT to SSA

One of the most user-friendly formats you can convert your TXT file into is SSA.

How to Convert TXT to SSA

SSA files are easier to create and work with since they're essentially plain text. You can also easily export or import them from and into other applications. If you need to convert your files from TXT to SSA, consider using GoTranscript's online subtitle converter. This subtitle converter is free, and you do not need to register for an account to use the converter.

Additionally, you won't need to install any software since the converter runs on a web page. You can use this tool from any device with internet connectivity and a web browser. Here's how to use the GoTranscript subtitle converter: 

  • Search for "GoTranscript subtitle converter" on your favorite search engine.
  • Drag and drop the TXT files you wish to convert in the upload section. Alternatively, click on the Upload button to choose your files. 
  • In the Select Format section, select Advanced Sub Station Alpha (.ASS/.SSA) to convert the file(s) into the Advanced Sub Station Alpha (.ASS/.SSA) file format.
  • Click the Convert button and wait for the conversion to complete. Typically, the conversion process shouldn't take more than a few seconds.
  • Download the converted files onto your device.  

Enjoy hassle-free TXT to SSA file conversion with the GoTranscript subtitle converter. The subtitle format conversion tool is fast and absolutely free, and you can use it at your convenience to convert as many files as you want.