VTT to SBV converter

Check out GoTranscript's online multiformat subtitle converter. This GoTranscript tool is available online for absolutely free. The best part is that you can convert files online all by yourself without anybody's help.

How to Convert VTT to SBV Format?

There's no need to register on our website to use our subtitle converter tool. You can use a modern browser from any platform (Windows, macOS, Linux) to access the GoTranscript tool for converting your subtitles. We recommend Google Chrome for the best experience. For conversion, follow the given steps.

  • Click the "Upload" button in the "Upload files" pane and select your VTT subtitle file from your computer to upload it through the browser.
  • Wait for a few seconds for the file to get correctly uploaded.
  • You will see a file entry under the "Attached file(s)" section inside the same pane.
  • Our software will automatically identify the file type of the uploaded file.
  • Next, in the "Select Format" pane, select the SBV option to convert to your desired SBV format.
  • Finally, click the "Convert" button in the "Get Files" pane to export your file in SBV format.
  • After the conversion process finishes, you'll get your resulting file as an automatic download.

Using our subtitle converter, you can also convert your VTT files to many other formats like SRT, SBV, SUB, and more.