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Transcribe FLV files to text with GoTranscript's accurate transcription services. Fast and reliable, our service makes your FLV content easily accessible.
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Convert flv to text effectively, with AI for rapid processing or our dedicated team for high quality, precise transcription.

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99.2% Accurate Transcription by Highly Skilled Transcriptionists.

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2-Minute Fast Automated Audio-to-Text Converter. Free Preview for the First 5 Minutes.

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What specialized services does GoTranscript offer for FLV to text conversion?

GoTranscript offers specialized services for FLV to text conversion, ensuring that Flash video content is accurately transcribed. This service is crucial for making video content accessible and searchable, extending the reach and usability of FLV files.

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How to order Flv to Text transcription?

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GoTranscript Audio/Video Transcription Services Reviews:

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“ I was so surprised to find the transcript written with just a sprinkling of errors, and these were more the fault of a poor recording than GoTranscript. The work was done much more quickly than I had anticipated, which was another pleasant surprise. The only t... ”
Peter Kimmel
Apr 2, 2024
verified icon Verified Order
“ I appreciate the ease of use and accuracy of services. All I have to do is upload the audio or video and GoTranscript does the rest of the work. The delivery time was phenomenal and exceeded my expectations. ”
Caprice Yellock
Apr 1, 2024
verified icon Verified Order
“ I do video production and need to have a transcript of interviews, I have conducted for scripting the narration of my video. My experience with GoTranscript was a pleasure to say the least, the turnaround time was fast, and the transcript was accurate, most im... ”
Robert Van
Mar 30, 2024
verified icon Verified Order
“ I was surprised to get the transcript back within 24 hours - that's far faster than my expectation. I had a few minor issues where speaking was assigned to the wrong person but the transcription was generally quite good. ”
Mar 25, 2024
verified icon Verified Order
“ I had a great experience in quickly getting transcripts produced and depending on how this trial goes, may look at using the GoTranscript API for an automated solution in the future. ”
Mar 14, 2024
verified icon Verified Order
“ I've left two other services for unacceptable service. One failed to deliver in the guaranteed two day delivery and actually took two full weeks to deliver a project, and the other somehow after three attempts couldn't sync the captions to the video properly,... ”
Darrell Conner
Feb 22, 2024
verified icon Verified Order
“ The use of this program was great. I was able to upload my file and have AI transcribe it in a quick manner. It made it easier for me to complete my school assignment. ”
Feb 17, 2024
verified icon Verified Order
“ Once I had found my way around the website, selecting the desired variant, making the payment and finally downloading the result was no problem at all.I will be using gotranscript again. ”
Feb 17, 2024
verified icon Verified Order
“ I only used the automatic so far and would not expect great accuracy from that. I would feel that would come more from a human who I would like to try. ”
Shade Rupe
Feb 3, 2024
verified icon Verified Order
“ Account manager and set up support is fantastic. There were delays with delivery time however this was fine with what we were after but have marked down should future time constraints cause an issue in future. Accuracy of the call was good, have marked down to... ”
Online Doctor
Feb 1, 2024
verified icon Verified Order
“ This is the third transcription service I've tried and it is by far the best. Thank you so much for helping me with my project. I've saved so much time! ”
Jan 29, 2024
verified icon Verified Order
“ I used this service to transcribe a video of my at the time just under 3 year old son. I was amazed how easy it was to upload the video, how very reasonably priced the service was and how incredibly accurate the transcription was. I have used the service aga... ”
Simo Korac
Jan 11, 2024
verified icon Verified Order
“ I used the human transcription service for Portuguese language audio. I had previously tried a machine transcription app that resulted in completely useless transcriptions. The GoTranscript human transcript service resulted in excellent quality transcripts. Ve... ”
Jan 10, 2024
verified icon Verified Order
“ It worked really well on my transcripts for my bachelor thesis. I didn't have to change a lot of things and the delivery was really fast. The price is also better than with comparable softwares. ”
Jan 5, 2024
verified icon Verified Order
“ I keep telling everyone that I would have paid 10x what they charged - cannot even imagine having done this myself. I did the moderate return (I think it was up to 5 days) and the transcripts started coming in a couple hours later and had them all by the next... ”
Jan 1, 2024
verified icon Verified Order
“ Your company and the services you provide are wonderful at a great price. I was very satisfied with the job performed. The accuracy of the content was amazing. The time to accomplish the work was well within the time frame I imagined. Thanks Again !! ”
Harry Richardson
Dec 30, 2023
verified icon Verified Order
“ I was anxious about using your service because I didn't know anyone who had sent their interview recordings here to be transcribed, but the recording I got back only had a few minor errors and was turned around much faster than expected! I'll be submitting the... ”
Dec 18, 2023
verified icon Verified Order
“ I think the service is super easy to use and I'm really happy with the result. I think that it is a bit pricey, but that could also just come from me being a broke student. Altogether I am pleased with the service. ”
Dec 13, 2023
verified icon Verified Order
“ I'd tried several options - Descript, Rev, uploading to YouTube and then transcribing. GoTranscript is the easiest and most intuitive to use. I'm as pleased as can be with the experience. Ten stars! ”
Susan Baker
Dec 10, 2023
verified icon Verified Order
“ Five Stars - your live help was fantastic - she was helpful answered my questions easily and directed me. The AI transcript blew me away. Wow! In a short time, what would have taken me hours, I had my transcript. I am planning to use your service regularly.... ”
Nathalie Golding
Dec 5, 2023

Why is GoTranscript among the best audio/video transcription services?

GoTranscript, trusted by the top 100 universities worldwide, excels in audio/video transcription with a 99.4% accuracy rate, swift turnaround, and the most competitive pricing in the industry.
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