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Foreign language translation services are more popular than ever, but not all of them abide by the same quality standards. If you're interested in having your content translated into a foreign language, it's smart to do a bit of research before making the plunge. You can also trial a few companies before making a commitment to one.

At GoTranscript, we're experts in foreign translation. We offer more than 70 language pairs and a free trial too. Read on to find out more reasons why we're one of the best foreign language translation services online.

First, know what you need

It may sound obvious, but before you can judge the quality of a foreign translation service, you need to get a clear idea of your expectations and goals. Depending on your organization, you may want to do this with a group of decision-makers or on your own.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why am I having this content translated?

  • Why am I having this content translated into this language?

  • Is the culture of the target language significantly different from that of the source language?

  • Is my product or service just as in demand in the target country as it is where it was originally developed?

  • How large is my audience?

  • What is the education level of my target audience? Are they rocket scientists, blue-collar workers, or children?

  • Have I had bad experiences with translation services before? What happened?

Getting these fashion terms (and many more) right in French, Italian, or another language takes a level of fluency and a special awareness that go beyond regular translation.

Next, compare foreign language translation services

Once you've solidified your expectations, you can start looking for the right company to help you with your foreign translation needs. Aside from your list from above, other factors you'll want to consider include:

  • Pricing. Does the translation company have hidden fees? You may not know until you send in that first job, but you can also ask up front. Get a guaranteed estimate, or look for a translation company with flat pricing and clear add-ons.

  • Timing. How long will it take the company to complete your project? Granted, different-sized projects of varying complexity won't be turned around within the same time frame. But you should know exactly when you'll receive your translation. Find out if rush services are available and how much extra they cost. You never know when you'll have an emergency translation job.

  • Quality. Does the service use machine translation? If you've ever tried doing your own translation with free software or translation engines, you know this can go very wrong. Granted, these companies sometimes have a human translator to check the machine-generated content, but not always.

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Let GoTranscript be your go-to source for foreign language translation

If you're looking for top-quality foreign translation, GoTranscript is one of the best in the business. Since 2006, we've been winning happy customers (more than 20,000 to date!) with our commitment to transparent pricing, professional quality, and prompt turnarounds.

If you're looking for a regular foreign language translation service, try us today and see what else we have to offer. With our free trial, customer rewards program, and other incentives, you're sure to get a great job at a great deal every time.

GoTranscript uses 100% human translation, so you get translations that make sense to your audience. The human factor also allows us to offer a 99% accuracy guarantee on every project.


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