Transcribe a Google Hangout Meeting

Google Hangout is an instant online meeting and collaboration software. The software is accessible globally and is perfect for anyone or any institution that does work remotely. It has an array of features that will drive internal and external communication. Are you wondering about how to transcribe a Google Hangout meeting? Read on to learn on how to receive a Google Hangout transcript.

What Is Google Hangout Meeting Transcription?

Google Hangout meeting transcription is a feature on the software that allows you to transcribe the speech from a meeting. To achieve this, you need to enable a setting that automatically records and transcribes the meeting.

After the meeting, you receive a transcript that you can share with stakeholders or absent colleagues and clients. Your team meeting transcription notes are available on the history page, allowing you to access them whenever necessary.

With GoTranscript, you can, however, take Google Hangout video call transcription a notch higher. GoTranscript will help you achieve better-quality Google Hangout transcriptions. Being a 100% human transcription service, the company ensures that errors often seen with automated services are brought down to nearly negligible.

How to Transcribe a Google Hangout Meeting

Transcribing a Google Hangout meeting with GoTranscript involves three simple steps. The first step is recording your session. You can do this by clicking the three dots that signify “more” and starting the recording. At the end of the meeting, save your recording. After that, log on to your GoTranscript account and upload the video or audio file. The professionals at GoTranscript will then transcribe your Google Hangout meeting within a specified turnaround time.

How Google Hangout Transcription Can Help You

Using the Google Hangout transcription feature has several benefits. The service helps you save time that you could have utilized manually transcribing the meeting. To transcribe Google Hangout meetings manually can be exhausting, especially when you lack transcription expertise.

Google Hangout meeting transcription also helps you refer to the content of the meeting at a later date. At times one might need to refer to important details about a certain discussion, the transcripts from the Google Hangout meeting will help you quickly trace elements instead of listening to the whole audio.

GoTranscript, being one of the best Google Hangout transcription companies, will ensure a hassle-free process. It offers the best Google Hangout transcription services that include:

  • Google Hangout video transcription
  • Google Hangout webinar transcription
  • Google Hangout conference transcription
  • Google Hangout business conference transcription

Why Choose GoTranscript as Your Google Hangout Transcription Service

If you are looking for Google Hangout video call transcription online, GoTranscript will undoubtedly rank at the top of the list. With expert transcriptionists, your meetings will be transcribed to the highest standards. It doesn’t have to cost you much, either. Contact GoTranscript for professional Google Hangout transcriptions at the best industry prices to have your next crisp team meeting transcription.