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We provide recording translation services in over 30 languages.

2 in 1 solution: We will Transcribe your recording and translate

Transcription and Translation
Double Benefit!


The translation process of your recording starts with transcribing the text firstly. The transcription is of really high quality because we have a team of professional transcribers who take their job really seriously. In other words, everything is 100% done by people - we do not use machine transcription in order to maintain our level of quality.


The transcriptions made by our transcribers help to translate your recording into a lot of languages of your choice. We hire only professionally trained linguists who love their profession - this means that our translations are done 100% by humans!

The importance of localization
If you want to prepare your recording for your foreign viewers perfectly, it’s not enough just to translate it word by word. The key to popularity is localization. This means that the translator should not only translate the text, but also to adapt it according to the country of the language. Making sure that the message reaches the viewers, adapting jokes and puns, making the recording content relevant to the market - all of this can be done by our team of translators!

Do you have a recording file in one language that you need translated into another language?



Closed captions are simply the transcribed text of a recording, film, TV show, or a presentation. If you caption your recording, you make it accessible to people with hearing problems and non-native speakers. Additionally, closed captions can be used in an environment where you have to be quiet, for example, a hospital, or in a noisy environment, such as a cafe.

Need English captions?


If you need to create subtitles for your recording, a transcript is the first step. Subtitling recordings in various languages can make your content far more popular, as the majority of people on Youtube are non-English speakers. What is more, it can help you as a SEO strategy as your recording will be found by people from different countries.

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The turnaround time was amazing! The cost was high relative to what other services seem to offer for similar accuracy levels.
Katie Horner
May 13, 2022
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absolutely quick, affordable and accurate translation
Fuad Mirzoyev
May 13, 2022
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Overall experience was very positive! Fast turnaround and quality delivery, and I will be using it again.
May 12, 2022
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GoTranscript did a great job with the interview audio recording I sent them. The cost is significantly lower than similar services with the same accuracy.
May 11, 2022
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Great service
Roland Williams
May 11, 2022
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Great, very easy!
Priya Misra
May 10, 2022
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