Book transcription

Writing a book has never been so easy and simple as it is now. The irony is that becoming a popular author can be unrelated to the traditional writing process. Even excellent grammar knowledge is not essential. The key to an author’s success is having a great idea and sharing it in an attractive and engaging way. With the technology of today, the text can be simply dictated.

It may sound surprising, but many well-known writers and authors use exactly this approach. Instead of sitting in front of a computer they allow themselves to fantasize and narrate the story vocally. Every sentence is recorded and later transcribed by a professional transcriptionist. It works the same with non-fiction literature as well, e.g. autobiographies, memoirs, and biographies. The author of the book meets with his interviewee and simply talks. The transcriptions of such conversations become the fundamental material for the book.

Our professional team ensures that the transcriptions of your recordings will be made with zero mistakes, and will be accurate and clear. Do not postpone your dream to write a book and become an author. It has never been easier to share your thoughts and stories with the world. The most tedious part of the process can be sent to us, freeing your creative energy.

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