Business transcription

The business world produces a large volume of audio and video content from conference calls, investor meetings and presentations every day. These meetings and calls are incredibly important as they are often about presenting key financial data, development of new business strategies and competitive strategies.

Business transcription is understandably extremely important. It ensures you have a written record of all conversations pertaining to important legal, financial and marketing decisions in your business.

Even if your business needs transcriptions rarely, we don’t recommend you to give this task to your secretary or junior colleagues. Why?

  • The best way to be a good participant of a meeting is to participate. Listen to your colleagues carefully, ask actively and create a big picture understanding of the session. Everything will be recorded and our professional transcribers will copy it accurately into a text file. Accurate business transcriptions avoid any unnecessary interpretation or misunderstanding. The business transcript is a perfect source for precise quotations.
  • Business transcriptions make your business more flexible. The collected textual data can be systemized or used for a company’s white paper.
  • Business transcripts are essential for boosting your company’s visibility on web through proper SEO.

Don’t hesitate to use our professional, fast and accurate service. The most tedious and monotonous parts of your business can be left to us. Upload your business recordings here and choose a turn-around time. We assure you that you will get a clear and accurate text document sent directly to your inbox.

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We know a written support of your meetings can be of value for you, to underline important ideas, to find key points in it and ultimately to provide all interested parties with a copy of your discussion. You’ve done enough, let us handle the last part, which is transcribing your file, as it’s our area of expertise.