Call transcription

The business world and its everyday routines can hardly exist without phone calls. Many important contracts are made with a simple call. It is obvious that this saves a lot of time – instead of travelling to a meeting and wasting time on the road, business is handled remotely by talking. But this practice also has some inconveniences. It can be hard to show someone why certain decisions were taken. This is especially true when this “someone” is the company’s shareholders, partners or colleagues. This is where our call transcription services can benefit you. Carefully typed and printed call transcriptions can be used to create a company memo.

All you have to do is ensure the best call recording quality possible and send it to us. It will be a great pleasure to help you and transcribe your recordings. Check our various turn-around time options and see that you can get your call transcription returned to you in just 24 hours, should your situation be urgent.

Every minute is important in today’s business world. Do not tire yourself or overwork your secretary by attempting to transcribe your call records. Focus on growing and marketing your business, and what is really beneficial to your success. The tedious and monotonous tasks can be simply sent to us. Check our prices, choose a turn-around time, upload your file here and get your conference call transcriptions returned directly to your inbox.

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Conference call transcription

These kinds of recordings are pretty tricky partly because of the quality and partly because there are multiple speakers involved, but not to worry, our transcribers are very experienced in conference call transcriptions and they will do an excellent job with your files.

Phone transcription

A phone recording is not always qualitative, there might be many interferences, but we are sure that if our transcribers miss something, our editors will fill in the gaps. Just upload your files and enjoy the end result.

Skype transcription

Skype calls are becoming more and more popular. Here at GoTranscript we have already worked with tons of recordings of Skype calls, so trust our experience. Upload your file now.