Insurance transcription

Insurance transcription is the act of transcribing audio content that is gathered for insurance records. There are several different kinds of audio that can be transcribed for insurance investigations. These include interviews with individuals involved in a claim, medical and legal professionals, and any other relevant or related experts. It may also include conversations with witnesses or people acquainted with the individuals involved in a claim. Other content that may be recorded include field notes, and fraud and medical investigations. There may also be recordings from meetings related to the claim and dictations from insurance professionals who are working on the case. We provide a range of formatting options for your transcription needs:

  • Verbatim transcription. This means that absolutely every word is transcribed accurately. It also includes all the sighs, pauses and hesitant speech.
  • Intelligent verbatim. This removes pauses, false-starts, and any other unnecessary information to create an easily readable document.

You can choose Verbatim or Intelligent Verbatim. We assure that you will get a high quality, clear and accurate transcription with zero mistakes. Upload your files here.

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