Media transcription

Media transcription is a process of converting various audio and video products into text files. This ranges from TV shows and documentaries, to lectures, lessons or presentations.

Media is synonymous with communication and its aim is to spread information to the largest audience possible. Media creators care about the visibility and access of their products and transcribing the audio or video products can be extremely useful for that.

  • Text information can be scanned and takes less time than listening to the whole track. It is more probable that a reader will spend more time reading textual information if there will be images inserted or words highlighted. If the text is awesome, why not watch the video?
  • Media transcription is beneficial for SEO. Search engines catch the most common key words or phrases and this boosts your visibility online. Audio and video recordings cannot do that, and short captions under them usually are not enough.
  • Transcribed media can be used as subtitles. This makes the videos more understandable and reachable to a wider audience.

Creating audio or video files is fun. Unfortunately, transcribing them is a hard, boring and exhausting task for the creators. Leave this tedious part to us. Upload your recordings here and we will do our best to make your ideas more accessible.

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