MP3 transcription

Mp3 is an audio coding format for digital audio that uses a form of lossy data compression. Its popularity is due to the high ratio of audio quality to size. Mp3 transcription refers to words spoken in audio file that are then converted into a text document. Professional transcribers use special transcribing software with a foot pedal, which allows them to play, stop, and rewind the audio track without lifting their fingers from the keyboard.

There are dozens of speech recognition software available on the Internet but these forms of transcription lack accuracy and clarity. The function of speech recognition software is to analyze the sounds and recognize the words, but not to identify them correctly. It cannot distinguish more than one speaker in the same audio and accents are a serious challenge for it. Additionally, it cannot understand similar words, which have different meanings.

Don’t waste your time transcribing your recordings with automatic software which lacks an intimate understanding of human language. Upload your files here. Our professional team will ensure that your Mp3 records will be transcribed accurately and clearly, with zero mistakes.

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