Phone transcription

Business produces a large volume of audio content each and every day from phone calls. It is hard to imagine a successful company that does not utilize the internet or phone for communication, sales, and marketing. A simple call can solve many issues and problems or land a large contract.

Transcribing your company’s phone calls is a smart choice. It ensures you have a written record of all your conversations pertaining to important legal, financial and marketing decisions in your business. Additionally, the data can be used to prepare company briefs, white papers, and practical summaries for company shareholders, managers, employees and potential clients. Call transcription is also a good way to ensure information will not be forgotten, misunderstood or misheard as so often can happen over the phone.

Transcribing business calls is a fast and easy way to avoid many problems. How much do you value your time? Anybody who has ever tried to transcribe will attest that it is harder than it sounds. Leave it to professionals and do what you do best. The most boring and monotonous part of your business can be sent to us.

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